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 Prevent major problems before they happen | Let our Houston HVAC team handle your maintenance needs.

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HVAC Maintenance Plan: An essential part of your operations & building management. 


If you have made the investment to install an on-site temporary structure with HVAC units, then you understand the importance of keeping your crew comfortable and safe and protecting your materials. 

The number one reason commercial HVAC systems fail is the lack of proper maintenance. Whether accidental oversight or budget limitations is the reason for an unmaintained unit, the risk of needing to replace the unit and/or production downtime caused by an HVAC outage can be drastic to the bottom line.

Mahaffey Houston's expert HVAC technicians can handle all of your HVAC maintenance to prevent problems before they occur. We provide: 

  • Local, expert technicians
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Instant notifications of problems
  • Monthly wellness checks on HVAC units and structures
  • Filter changing as needed
  • Troubleshooting power or equipment failures
  • Monitoring for water seepage, floods and intrusion
  • Investigating readings outside of desirable parameters 

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Mahaffey’s team is highly experienced with job sites and facilities where climate-control is essential, including export terminal job sites, food processing facilities and pharmaceutical warehousing. We offer a massive inventory of customizable fabric structures and amenities to deliver a design-to-build solution with immediate dispatch.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Our Monitoring Systems Accurately Track:
  • Improved Energy Efficiencies
  • Decreased Production Downtime
  • Decreased of Costly Repairs 
  • Prevention of Major Power or Equipment Failures
  • Avoided Cost of Additional Structure Damage
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan
  • Improved Quality of Air
  • Peace of Mind

A critical component to keeping climate-controlled facilities operational is remote-monitoring of HVAC systems, timely notifications and accelerated troubleshooting. Without this capability, employers could suffer damages and downtime from failed systems.

Don't let a surprise system-failure impact your bottom line — secure your facility with proactive HVAC monitoring and maintenance. 

Mahaffey's maintenance agreement includes monthly filter replacements and so much more. These videos shows our clients how the replace filters on the 10-ton unit and on the 25-ton unit.


HVAC Maintenance is available to all of our HVAC units in the Houston area. Our remote monitoring system transmits real-time data from the units on site directly to a dashboard managed by our team and they are able to immediately dispatch if a problem arises. 

Talk with our expert team to start protecting your HVAC units from failure. 

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 Maintain productivity despite dramatic outdoor temperatures and prevent downtown and lost productivity associated with HVAC system-failures. Call Mahaffey today!

Safety is our top priority

Mahaffey is proud to hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA and OSHA certifications as well as site-specific credentials. Our teams consist of employees with diverse skills and distinguished certifications—from CDL drivers to environmental specialists. Mahaffey also maintains an active status with the DISA Contractors Consortium Policy.

Our certifications are set in place to help to better our employees, improve their expertise and to ensure the continuing growth of the products and services we provide.