Walk-Through Temperature Scanner 

Our complete, design-to-build solution rapidly scans employees in under 3 seconds for FAST and SAFE entry!

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The Mahaffey Gateway Rapidly Scans Employees' Temperatures to Minimizing Risk while Maximizing Safety.

The Mahaffey Gateway-2 Lines
The Mahaffey Gateway,  is best suited for those with shifts or crews from 200-3,000 people as our solution scans and produces immediate scanned results processing 20 people per minute. That's 200 people in under 10 minutes!

The Mahaffey Gateway 1

Employees pass through a custom-designed, CDC-compliant structure while maintaining the recommended safe distance.

The Mahaffey Gateway 2

Using thermal imaging software and infrared cameras, employees are rapidly scanned resulting in the immediate population of accurate temperature results.


Those that pass the thermal scanning, proceed to begin their day. The Mahaffey Gateway expedites the flow of personnel and minimizing the impact on operations.


The Mahaffey Gateway provides an all-in-one solution that combines thermal scanning equipment with custom-designed, screening facilities — compliant with the CDC's safety recommendations and ISO's Screening Protocol — to create the safest, most efficient solution for protecting your team while getting back to work.

Immediate Temperature Results
CDC-Compliant Design
Rapid Installation
Rapid Screening of 200-3,000 Employees
Expert Project Managers
Proscan-Logo_large-1Sunbelt Rentals has partnered with, Proscan Solutions, a technology solutions company with over 20 years of experience with high security, info-tech installation and nationwide, Fortune 1000 clientele.
Minimize your team's downtime upon entry, and get started with the Mahaffey Gateway.

Our complete, design-to-build solution provides you with fast and accurate temperature screening while instilling confidence for your employees, management and customers.
Our solution provides: 
  • Rapid screening of employees
    • Reassuring them that their work environment is safe and their health is not at risk
  • Expedited process of getting employees to work
    • Providing confidence to management that workplace and workforce won't be displaced by a COVID-19 outbreak or absenteeism due to fear of contracting the virus
  • Engineered structure
    • The Mahaffey Gateways is expertly installed on the grounds outside of a facility — strategically placed near entrances — following CDC guidelines, ISO's screening protocol and providing ambient setting for rapid screenings 
With just one phone call, our expert project managers will provide your company with the end-to-end temperature scanning solutions that you need to allow you to begin operations again.
Call our expert team to discuss your temperature screening facility need today. 

The Mahaffey Gateway Features

Sunbelt Rentals' all-in-one solution provides you with thermal scanning equipment and a custom-designed, CDC-compliant screening portal that can be fitted with 2, 4, 6 or 8 lanes to process the optimal number of people with minimal waiting times. 
Our temperature screening package includes:
  • CDC-compliant design ensuring the health and safety requirements are met
  • Thermal scanning technology and equipment that provides:
    • Accurate temperature reading on every employee down to the 1/10° 
    • Immediate temperature results. Our software processes 1 person every 3 seconds, minimizing the impact on operations and expediting flow of personnel
  • Multiple gateway options:
  • Step-N-Pull handless doors that minimize the risk of transferring COVID-19
  • Installation and dismantling of scanning equipment and structure
  • Training of your personnel on how to use the equipment

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Temperature Screening Facility Features: 

  • CDC-compliant design ensuring health and safety requirements are met
  • Accurate temperature reading on every employee down to the 1/10 degree
  • Immediate temperature readings in under 3 seconds per person; minimizing impact on operations and expedite flow of personnel
  • Multiple Gateway Options: 2-lane design, 3-lane design, 4-lane design, 6-lane design, or 8-lane screening structure to process the optimal number of people with minimum wait times
  • Step-N-Pull handless doors minimizing the risk of transferring COVID
  • Full-service, strategic partnership including installation, training of your personnel, remote access troubleshooting and dismantling

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