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Are Your Tie-Off Safety Standards Evolving? Fall Prevention is a Critical Component of Fabric Structures


Do you strive to only deliver the bare minimum to your customers? Neither do we. In fact, we frequently see our clients and our own crew go above and beyond in their on-site safety standards—even exceeding OSHA requirements.

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Mahaffey Doors: Design & Deploy

How often do you think about your door? Though people complete egress after ingress, day in and day out, most don’t give doors much consideration. Until there’s a problem: the couch won’t slide through the front door, too many people try to cram through the exit after a concert, or there aren’t enough access points to the building and employees must travel an extra five minutes to and from the parking lot every day.

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Weather Prep with Fabric Buildings: Snow is Coming

Winter will be here before we know it – this month to be exact. With winter, comes winter weather. Look ahead and prepare a plan for unpredictable, harsh weather conditions.

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Fabric Structure Solutions: An Environmental Enclosure News Feature

Mahaffey Fabric Structures was recently in the news for a new structure erected in Belleville, IL. Ameren, a corporate energy company, is using the structure to cover the area while contaminated soil is removed from the ground. 

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Benefits of the MTS Temporary Structure

What exactly is the MTS™?

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