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How often do you think about your door? Though people complete egress after ingress, day in and day out, most don’t give doors much consideration. Until there’s a problem: the couch won’t slide through the front door, too many people try to cram through the exit after a concert, or there aren’t enough access points to the building and employees must travel an extra five minutes to and from the parking lot every day.

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Weather Prep with Fabric Buildings: Snow is Coming

Winter will be here before we know it – this month to be exact. With winter, comes winter weather. Look ahead and prepare a plan for unpredictable, harsh weather conditions.

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Fabric Structure Solutions: An Environmental Enclosure News Feature

Mahaffey Fabric Structures was recently in the news for a new structure erected in Belleville, IL. Ameren, a corporate energy company, is using the structure to cover the area while contaminated soil is removed from the ground. 

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Benefits of the MTS Temporary Structure

What exactly is the MTS™?

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