On-site temporary structure solutions streamline operations and maximize profitability.

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Temporary structure solutions to keep your operation on track

Sunbelt Rentals' fabric structures are ideal for petrochemical sites experiencing refinery turnarounds, plant shutdowns or significant weather delays. We understand that time is crucial for oil and gas companies, and our crews will quickly install a structure to fit your need.

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Often, companies such as oil refineries and utility plants experience significant delays due to the environments in which their employees work in.  Whether it’s because of the frigid cold temperatures in the North or the extreme heat of the South, working conditions can be the key factor in deadline setbacks.

Sunbelt Rentals' climate-controlled temporary structures provide a solution to these challenges. From blast-resistant tents to clearspan structures, you can provide the best for your crews.  Not only do they protect workers from the elements, increasing productivity, but these structures also present a way to control interior temperature and humidity.

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    Turnaround Tents at Petrochemical Plants

    All Sunbelt Rentals' Super Series and Mega Series clear span structures are evaluated in accordance with applicable U.S. building codes.
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    Turnaround Structures for Oil Refineries

    We ensure that exact standards are met and do everything in our power to meet challenging timelines – with courtesy, professionalism, and the confidence to complete the project safely.
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    Clear Span Tents For Power Plant Sites

    Covered with flame-retardant fabric, which is especially important for vulnerable environments like petrochemical or power plan facilities.
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    On-Site Solutions For Oil And Gas Companies

    All of Sunbelt Rentals' clear span structures are evaluated in accordance with applicable U.S. building codes.

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Safety is our top priority

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA and OSHA certifications as well as site-specific credentials. Our teams consist of employees with diverse skills and distinguished certifications—from CDL drivers to environmental specialists. Sunbelt Rentals also maintains an active status with the DISA Contractors Consortium Policy.

Our certifications are set in place to help to better our employees, improve their expertise and to ensure the continuing growth of the products and services we provide.

"Your team met every challenge with pride, professionalism and efficiency and they are to be commended for this."

– Leo, Facilities Manager

Lunch & Break Areas

When working in remote areas or in high or low temperatures, crews need a space to comfortably take a break, have lunch, warm up or cool down or to decontaminate. Sunbelt Rentals provides all manner of personnel structures, from simple weather shelters to fully climate-controlled, floored and lit spaces.

Warehouses & Storage

Sunbelt Rentals' temporary warehouse structures can be installed on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete, or soil – without the need for a permanent foundation. Utilizing portable warehouses provides an economic alternative for seasonal businesses who would typically incur hidden costs by sub-renting space in off-site buildings.

Blast Shelters

When it comes to turnarounds, the closer your break area is to the process area, the more time crews can spend on wrenches. MAX 756 blast-resistant tents keep crews up to 75% closer to work sites than standard break tents while meeting all the requirements of RP 756. That means maximum wrench time, as well as more flexibility and cost savings while maximizing safety for your employees.

Containment Structures

Sunbelt Rentals' moveable, scalable structures provide ultimate safety for work crews and the surrounding community. Most importantly, Sunbelt Rentals solutions can be easily moved during the project, enabling nearly continuous work flow.

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