Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures Videos

What makes a Sunbelt Rentals temporary fabric structure or fabric building different from a competitors? Our videos explain the Mahaffey Difference.

On-Site Temporary Warehouse Saves 6 Figures for Ancos

Listen to Valentin Alvarez explain how going from off-site warehousing to an on-site temporary warehouse was a more efficient solution for their needs...

Our Industrial-Fabric Solutions Flex to Help Your Business Scale

Whether you need added warehouse space or a semi-permanent solution - with Sunbelt Rentals' design flexibility, its easy to scale your structure…

Sunbelt Rentals Provides More Space to Better Serve Your Business

With complete turnkey packages, flexible leasing and unrivaled installation and support, it's easy to see why Sunbelt Rentals has provided temporary fabric structures and semi-permanent industrial buildings for some of the nation's biggest projects and events. With rapid deployment and expert installation, our fabric buildings provide the perfect solution for every industry... read more.

Creative Problem Solving: Installing a Temporary Lunch Tent Structure

During a project in which Sunbelt Rentals provided 15 temporary fabric lunch tent buildings to support 8,000 craftsmen, implementation took a creative turn when the site's concrete pads were slightly off in measurement... read more.

Sunbelt Rentals Designs Temporary Structure on Top of a Building to Reduce Snow Load and Provide Temporary Cover for Bank Building

What happens when your project site has several extenuating circumstances? Like, an elevated worksite, overnight installation, quick turnaround time, extreme weather, and the need for your business to remain open during construction? We've still got you covered... read more.

Warehouse Storage for Automotive Company During Rapid Expansion

A frequent challenge our customers face every day is a need for warehouse space. Fast warehouse space. That's when they turn to Sunbelt Rentals... read more.

Sunbelt Rentals Helps Turbine Blade Supplier Light Up the World

Sunbelt Rentals specializes in custom fabric structures to meet clients' needs, including: HVAC, humidity control, and custom access points. Learn more about how Sunbelt Rentals can partner with your custom project... read more.

Learn How to Change A HVAC Filter for a 25-Ton Unit

Sunbelt Rentals' maintenance agreement with our HVAC units include monthly filter replacements. This video shows our clients how the replace all 8 filters inside of the 25-ton unit.

Vidyard Support
Learn How to Change HVAC Filter for a 10-Ton Unit

Sunbelt Rentals' maintenance agreement include monthly filter replacements. This video shows our clients how the replace filters on the 10-ton unit.

Vidyard Support

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