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Keep contaminents in and the public out

When dealing with environmentally sensitive work sites, it's imperitive to keep hazardous emissions contained. Sunbelt Rentals moveable, scalable Vapor Containment Structures (VCS) help keep potentially volatile gases and chemicals from finding their way into the atmosphere and surrounding community while keeping the curious public out of the work site.

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Sunbelt Rentals environmental enclosures can be used for volatile containment, decontamination tents, negative pressure and detoxification facilities and site security during environmental cleanup and soil remediation efforts.

By creating negative air pressure inside the VCS, odors and vapors are completely contained, while air scrubbers can fully cleanse the interior air. Perhaps most valuable, Sunbelt Rentals VCS solutions can be easily moved during the project, enabling nearly continuous work flow.

Sunbelt Rentals has a 20-year history of partnering with remediation companies as a vital part of the solutions required for their complex projects. Sunbelt Rentals provides innovative site shelters and containment structures that improve efficiency, optimize productivity and minimize public disturbance.


A closed plant left behind contaminated soil that posed a risk to residents now living in the area. Time was tight, and the remediation company needed to find a solution. Sunbelt Rentals provided a safe, airtight environment to protect the worksite, employees and nearby neighborhoods. Click here to find out how... 


After discovering a massive landfill was leaking toxic chemicals into the ground. Officials knew they needed to immediately begin the excavation and removal of the contaminated soil to a safe location. Find out how Sunbelt Rentals provided covered 72k sq. feet with a custom-made, curved containment structure...

Additional Containment Structure Features:

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    Infinitely Expandable

    Sunbelt Rentals' modular designs allow you to tailor the size of your structure to suit your project.

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    Outfitted to your needs

    Sunbelt Rentals VCS solutions offer a wide variety of setup options from air-filtration systems to roll-up doors for heavy machinery.

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    Continuous workflow

    Sunbelt Rentals' structures can be relocated at any time to keep things moving on your project.

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