We do the Planning for Your Temporary Buildings

Lunch & Break Areas

When working in remote areas or in high or low temperatures, crews need a space to comfortably take a break, have lunch, warm up or cool down or to decontaminate. Sunbelt Rentals provides all manner of personnel structures, from simple weather shelters to fully climate-controlled, floored and lit spaces.

Warehouses & Storage

Sunbelt Rentals' temporary warehouse structures can be installed on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete, or soil – without the need for a permanent foundation. Utilizing portable warehouses provides an economic alternative for seasonal businesses who would typically incur hidden costs by sub-renting space in off-site buildings.

Construction & Maintenance Covers

Sunbelt Rentals understands that when construction is underway, worker productivity is vital; unfortunately, weather conditions can cause unforeseen delays. We can address both of these issues with construction site covers. Our temporary, portable construction shelters and tents provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employee comfort and protection against inclement weather.

Blast Shelters

When it comes to turnarounds, the closer your break area is to the process area, the more time crews can spend on wrenches. MAX 756 blast-resistant tents keep crews up to 75% closer to work sites than standard break tents while meeting all the requirements of RP 756. That means maximum wrench time, as well as more flexibility and cost savings while maximizing safety for your employees.

Containment Structures

Sunbelt Rentals' moveable, scalable structures provide ultimate safety for work crews and the surrounding community. Most importantly, Sunbelt Rentals' solutions can be easily moved during the project, enabling nearly continuous work flow.

Extreme Weather Structures

For sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind, Sunbelt Rentals creates engineered, climate-controlled, fully lit work covers to keep crews comfortable and projects on-schedule. Totally customizable solutions means you can create work spaces tailored to your needs, and when your project is complete, Sunbelt Rentals' shelters are quickly disassembled and removed by our expert team.

Base Camp & Living Facilities

Services range from complete turnkey base camps and FOB support to the installation of single components, such as DFAC, AAR and TOC tents, admin tents and more. Comprised of experts from the military, construction and logistics fields, we provide a collaboration of dedicated support to demanding clients.


Sunbelt Rentals structure’s modular design and quick installation times make these structures an ideal choice for aviation applications, especially in locations where aircraft hangar space is at a premium or non-existent. The compact size, rapid deployment time, and portable nature of these hangars makes them ideal for aviation applications.

P16 Shelter

Coming soon.

Movable Structures

Sunbelt Rentals structures are 100% relocatable, which offers a significant advantage over brick and mortar buildings. We’ll accommodate to your project's changing needs and we can move your structure to a new site quickly and efficiently if needed.

Temporary Firehouses

In addition to practicing fire safety, we are honored to have installed several temporary fire houses both in disaster relief and new construction covers. These structures can be erected on any surface at any size to house multiple firetrucks and equipment. All of our temporary structures include at least two exits, our fabric is flame retardant and all buildings adhere to local fire codes.


Sunbelt Rentals' industrial tent rentals offer the most flexible option for your project, adapting to your needs. Our structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory system that can be found in other types of construction – from flooring to lighting and everything in between. The aluminum box beam framework of a Sunbelt Rentals structure allows for easy installation of accessory items.

Water Services

Sunbelt Rentals provides water supply, storage and disposal using options from tankers to bladders depending on the location and requirements. All temporary systems are designed site-specific taking distance and elevation into account. Water systems can be as simple as providing water for a shower unit or maintaining water and waste disposal for shower-heads, laundry facilities and kitchen operations all at the same time.

Amenities (HVAC, Lights)

Sunbelt Rentals expert project management team will handle all of the legwork to get your temporary structure installed quickly with all of the special features that your project requires. Features like flooring, lighting and door options can make your portable fabric building feel very much like a permanent one. We even offer insulated temporary buildings, with climate control and dehumidification. Start today! Let Sunbelt Rentals custom design and rapidly install your building solution.