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Mahaffey can provide your business with an immediate, custom-built maintenance tent that can be leased temporarily or semi-permanently, depending on your need.

Our custom fabric structures can provide shelter for large scale applications, including pipe welding and fabrication, automotive test tracks, equipment storage tents, distribution facilities and temporary office space.

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Facilities managers are always looking for new strategies to save energy and cut costs. Our turnkey fabric structures offer a wide variety of amenities, like climate control and lighting options, to keep your crews comfortable, your materials protected, and your overall energy expenses in check. Selecting the right amenities for your project and properly maintaining them is key to maximizing energy efficiency in your temporary structure. As you can imagine, the energy savings for a large, semi-permanent fabric structure can add up to a significant amount over the life of the lease.  

All projects are different. Ask your turnkey structure provider about different amenity options available to you and weigh out the cost and benefits of each for your specific needs.

Industrial buildings for industrial needs

Mahaffey has the solution for manufacturing companies who require exceptional engineered solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate change and unexpected growth. Whether you need a gap solution during facility expansion when production can’t stop or a temporary warehouse to store product overflow, our semi-permanent fabric structures serve as the perfect temporary building solution.
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    On-Site Warehousing Structures

    Mahaffey has the solution for manufacturing companies who require exceptional engineered solutions.
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    Manufacturing Facilities

    Mahaffey structures are flexible enough to accommodate change and unexpected growth.
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    Temporary Storage Tents

    Mahaffey's vast inventory of more than one million square feet of quality fabric structures allows us to mobilize quickly and get your organization on its revenue-generating route.

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Safety is our top priority

Mahaffey is proud to hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA and OSHA certifications as well as site-specific credentials. Our teams consist of employees with diverse skills and distinguished certifications—from CDL drivers to environmental specialists. Mahaffey also maintains an active status with the DISA Contractors Consortium Policy.

Our certifications are set in place to help better our employees, improve their expertise, and to ensure the continuing growth of the products and services we provide.

"I would call on Mahaffey Structures for any future project that would require special construction considerations or a 'temporary' building."

– Larry C., President, The Carroll Group

Warehouses & Storage

Mahaffey’s temporary warehouse structures can be installed on almost any surface – asphalt, concrete, or soil – without the need for a permanent foundation. Utilizing portable warehouses provides an economic alternative for seasonal businesses who would typically incur hidden costs by sub-renting space in off-site buildings.

Extreme Weather Structures

For sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind, Mahaffey creates engineered, climate-controlled, fully lit work covers to keep crews comfortable and projects on-schedule. Totally customizable solutions means you can create work spaces tailored to your needs, and when your project is complete, Mahaffey's shelters are quickly disassembled and removed by our expert team.

Base Camp & Living Facilities

Services range from complete turnkey base camps and FOB support to the installation of single components, such as DFAC, AAR and TOC tents, admin tents and more. Comprised of experts from the military, construction and logistics fields, we provide a collaboration of dedicated support to demanding clients.


Mahaffey structure’s modular design and quick installation times make these structures an ideal choice for aviation applications, especially in locations where aircraft hangar space is at a premium or non-existent. The compact size, rapid deployment time, and portable nature of these hangars makes them ideal for aviation applications.


Mahaffey’s industrial tent rentals offer the most flexible option for your project, adapting to your needs. Our structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory system that can be found in other types of construction – from flooring to lighting and everything in between. The aluminum box beam framework of a Mahaffey structure allows for easy installation of accessory items.

Amenities (HVAC, Lights)

Mahaffey’s industrial fabric structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory found in new construction, from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

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