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Customizable accessories to turn a basic structure into the exact application you need for your project.

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Custom Clearspan tent accessories

With over one million square feet of tents and frames, along with our extensive inventory of flooring, lighting, stages and other accessories, Sunbelt Rentals' fabric structures and event accessories can be fitted with virtually any accessory found in new construction, from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

  • Anchors
  • Custom Fabric
  • Fabric Tops
  • Door Options
  • Flooring
  • Lighting Systems
  • HVAC/Dehumidification
  • Insulated Steel Sides
  • Picnic Tables
  • Water Services
  • Custom Graphics

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The aluminum box beam framework of a Sunbelt Rentals structure allows for easy installation of accessory items.

In most instances, fittings can be attached to the structural frame, or Sunbelt Rentals can provide welded attachment clips to avoid the use of expensive secondary framing.  This results in substantial cost savings when installing accessories.


We offer various anchoring systems to accommodate unpredictable surfaces. Our structures can be installed on pavement, concrete, gravel or any other ground surface. For concrete and pavement, we have a mounting foot that can be securely tied to the surface using the appropriate fasteners. If the building is to be mounted on gravel, grass or dirt, our auger-style anchors or our ground anchor kits are used.

For the most secure, high wind locations, Sunbelt Rentals has proven solutions that our project team can discuss with you in more detail.

Custom Fabric

Sunbelt Rentals typically uses Ferrari Precontraint Fabric, which provides exceptional dimensional stability to keep your roof flat. The composite membranes benefit from a thicker coating at the top of the threads and maintain an outstanding level of mechanical resistance over time. In the event of an accidental tear or perforation during assembly or as a result of vandalism, the high-tenacity structure of the textile prevents it from spreading. The Precontraint composite textiles comply with international fire standards enforced for buildings open to the general public. They do not drip and are self-extinguishing (automatic smoke clearance and flames are unable to spread).

Fabric Tops

Sunbelt Rentals' structures are quickly installed and remain fully portable partly because we use a PVC fabric membrane for the roof.  This fabric is compact, lightweight and easily maintained, with longevity up to 15 years or more. In addition, it has been pre-stretched in all directions so that no unsightly sagging occurs on walls, tops or gable ends.  Sunbelt Rentals uses a unique system to quickly install or replace a roof panel. Sunbelt Rentals offers the following two choices of tops for most of our structures:

  • Translucent: The translucent tops allow natural interior lighting, which provides a bright interior at all hours of the day. This is an ideal choice for temporary warehouse structures, construction covers, or environmental enclosures.
  • Blackout (opaque): The blackout tops eliminate any light and keep the interior of the shelter cooler.  These are typically used in our Super Series™ design and are popular for shorter-term applications such as concert pavilions and corporate meetings with audiovisual programs.

Door Options

Sunbelt Rentals' portable fabric structures can be equipped with many different industrial door options.  Most industrial tents and fabric building structures are outfitted with a combination of:

  • Personnel Doors
  • Roll-up Overhead Doors

Developed by Sunbelt Rentals,  Xtension™ Door, a fully retractable fabric door, is best suited for aircraft and heavy equipment, and can be opened or closed in just THREE minutes.

Check out this custom “Xtension” of the Tension Series (MTS™) structure in action.


We typically suggest ExpoDeck, as it can bear the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment, won’t dig in like plastic flooring and is suitable on all surfaces.

We can also install a durable Hexadeck flooring system and a few others, depending on the nature of your project. These items are preferred for projects of a shorter duration, typically a year or less. We offer a variety of flooring accessories for structures, including: 

  • Modular Wood: 4″ x 4″ wood timbers support the 3/4″ wood deck of this custom-fabricated floor. Unless it is supported by a steel scaffolding frame, this floor is installed on the ground and shows any dips or rises in the terrain.  It is used by the military as-is or painted and can be carpeted for upscale applications.
  • Thermo-plastic Flexi: These economical floors are used on asphalt or concrete sites to provide a more finished interior appearance either with or without a carpet overlay.  The 3/4″ height is designed to drain rainwater beneath it, especially important for industrial structures.
  • Bravo-Zulu: These industrial floors are designed to support light vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Light vehicles include cars, pickup trucks, small man-lifts, and smaller forklifts with pneumatic all-terrain tires. Bravo-Zulu floors have been used inside military vehicle maintenance structures and beneath helicopter landing zones.

Aside from our vast selection of industrial flooring systems, we rent a wide variety of tent and event accessories to make your event and entertainment space a success.

  • Dance Floors: Whether you are looking for a small area cover for an intimate gathering or a 40' x 40' dance floor for a larger corporate event, any of Sunbelt Rentals' dance floors can be customized to fit your needs. The dance floors we rent include:
    • Parquet Wood
    • Black & White
    • Hologram
  • Wood Polished Flooring: Add that extra touch of prestige to your wedding or corporate event with a beautifully-polished wood floor.
  • Bil-jax Staging: Our Bil-jax product is the top-of-the-line flooring solution that will provide a laser-level foundation for your event. It is a steel and wood floor that can be installed on multiple leg heights to level an area. This flooring is appropriate for any area (flat or hilly). The flooring can be used to level out very un-level areas, or to create multiple levels within an area. The flooring can be installed on all surfaces (grass, asphalt, concrete, etc.). The flooring has a maximum load of 150 lbs per square foot. 
  • Carpeting: Carpeting can provide a finished look to any of the flooring options listed above. Whether you are looking for standard gray or black or a custom color to match the event's decor, Sunbelt Rentals can provide and install any carpet color or style you are looking for.
  • Clear Pool Covers: Create a unique "ultra lounge" effect, complete with under-floor lighting with a clear floor, fully engineered and installed over your pool.
Did you know?

Semi-permanent applications usually justify more permanent flooring solutions including asphalt or concrete. The use of asphalt surprises some people, but it is 100% recyclable and can be removed post-project to leave no trace on site.


Industrial sites often have limestone or concrete pads already in place prior to installing their temporary structure, though no foundation is needed. Or sometimes they just need a construction site enclosure, which doesn’t warrant a floor. For those projects where flooring is needed, We offers a variety of portable flooring products for virtually every application. Choosing a specific floor material depends upon the existing terrain and the weight carrying capacity desired.

Lighting Systems

Sunbelt Rentals also offers special lighting system options that appeal to various industrial applications, as all of our fabric structures can be illuminated with any lighting system used in a brick and mortar building. The standard lighting fixture used is our Exhibit Lighta 400-watt metal halide high bay fixture.  These lights eliminate any shadows in a structure with a crisp bright white light.


The comfort of your construction crews and event guests is an integral part of running a smooth construction site and successful event. Sunbelt Rentals offers climate-controlled environments with on-site power distribution, air conditioning, heating and ventilation for all tents and clearspan structures. We can provide vented and ducted forced-air heating, approved for public gatherings, or soft-duct air conditioning systems complete with super-quiet, silenced mobile power-pack units. We also offer a full line of ceiling and upright fans, specifically designed for any industrial tent or special event.

All of our portable shelter structures can be fitted with a full range of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation products (HVAC).

In many cases, no HVAC is required because of the structure’s function or the temperate geographic location. In other cases, temperature control is critical for these same reasons.

Within a structure, Sunbelt Rentals has had very good results with our giant ceiling fans.  These fans are 20′ in diameter and cool the interior 6-8 degrees.  In other cases, simple ventilation is required, especially where humidity can condense on the interior fabric.  In these cases, we use gable end fans to evacuate the air. The most cost effective temperature control option is simple movement of air.

Sunbelt Rentals' full line of structure amenities can help keep your temporary warehouse cool and keep crews comfortable with proper circulation. We provide a full line of fans and AC options including ceiling and upright fans, specifically designed for any event, circulation and exhaust fans, as well as polar coolers to help you beat the brutal summer heat.

Need to heat your warehouse, lunch tent, safety or maintenance facility? Sunbelt Rentals' industrial tent accessories include various heaters readily available, with both natural gas and propane sources of heat production.

We also offer portable heaters, which are ideal for use in your temporary office, greenhouse, garage or anywhere else that heat is needed on a short-term basis.

Sunbelt Rentals' maintenance agreement include monthly filter replacements. These videos show our clients how the replace filters on the 10-ton unit and on the 25-ton unit.

Insulated Steel Sides

There are a variety of methods used to insulate a structure.  For most applications, including temporary warehouses and environmental enclosures, Guardian Steel Walls™ are the optimal solution.  This proprietary system has 1-3/8” insulation to keep structures warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With an R-value of 13.45, these walls give outstanding energy performance. Interior and exterior surfaces are painted steel that enclose CFC-free (environmentally friendly) polystyrene insulation.  An additional benefit is that the solid barrier of steel provides security 24/7.

Picnic Tables

Sunbelt Rentals offers picnic tables six feet in length that seat eight people comfortably.  These tables are made from high density polyethylene. They are putty in color as well as stain resistant, easy to clean, and fold flat for storage.  They are made with a steel frame with all-weather finish.  Our picnic tables will not crack, chip, rust or peel. The bench weight capacity is 900 pounds.


  • Vinyl Walls: All of our tents come complete with white vinyl walls. You have the option of clear walls, cathedral window walls and custom color walls.
  • Glass Walls: As an alternative to our standard fabric walls, glass provides a professional and permanent-looking finish to any structure. Our 13' high glass walls provide a premium, transparent floor-to-ceiling finish that brings light and a crystal clear view to your event.
  • Insulated Hard Walls: We have many choices available to us to transform the look of a tent. One of the newest options is our Insulated Hard Walls - not only do they cocoon your guests from the exterior elements and provide enhanced acoustics and light control, but they also give the tent the look of a permanent structure.

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  • lighting-systems

    Lighting Systems

    Sunbelt Rentals offers special lighting options that appeal to various industrial applications.

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    HVAC / Dehumidification

    Sunbelt Rentals offers climate-controlled environments with on-site power distribution for all structures.

  • door-options

    Door Options

    Our portable structures can be equipped with many different industrial door options.

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Sunbelt Rentals offers multiple solutions for temporary aircraft hangars. From temporary space to repair a downed aircraft to semi-permanent hangars for twin-aisle aircraft, Sunbelt Rentals has the solution. With each hangar project, Sunbelt Rentals strives to provide custom solutions to meet all the requirements of our clients.


Sunbelt Rentals has provided construction shelters for concrete pours, plumbing installations, and masonry jobs to protect operations from wind, rain, and cold. This is especially important during harsh conditions to maintain proper curing, as well as to keep crews working, regardless of the weather outside.

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Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide variety of temporary storage enclosures designed specifically for pollution containment and environmental remediation. Large structures can be utilized to enclose a hazardous material spill, which purifies dangerous gases by using negative pressure filtration equipment.

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As an approved GSA provider, Sunbelt Rentals provides temporary structures for such projects as temporary troop cities, emergency and semi-permanent warehouses, temporary military hangars, and other applications. Sunbelt Rentals offers complete Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) consisting of DFAC facilities, sleeping structures, mobile shower trailers, power distribution, and climate control.


Sunbelt Rentals offers temporary structures for shelter, storage and business continuity facilities to put your organization back on its feet after a disaster. Regardless of the nature of your situation, adequate shelter is key to survival in emergency situations. Sunbelt Rentals offers the optimum combination of vast experience and large inventory of temporary shelters and portable buildings.

Business Continuity

Relocation, expansion, and new construction create the need for temporary space to continue business as usual. From a single, relocatable office to a complete multi-sectional facility, Sunbelt Rentals will deliver a high-quality, innovative solution customized to your requirements.


Sunbelt Rentals can provide your business with an immediate, custom-built maintenance tent that can be leased temporarily or semi-permanently, depending on your need. Our custom fabric structures can provide shelter for large-scale applications from equipment storage tents to pipe welding and fabrication.