Construction-Site Tents & Maintenance Covers

Protect your site and crews from the elements, and keep your project on track with portable fabric buildings.

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Let Mahaffey's fabric structures cover your job site and eliminate any interruptions.

Mahaffey’s experience is not limited to a single application. Our expertise extends from construction site needs and structures to cover masonry jobs to plumbing installations and concrete pours. These enclosures protect materials and operations from inclement weather and provide your workers with a comfortable environment to work in.

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We offer a variety of permanent and temporary construction site tents and structures to serve your individual site needs, including:

  • Portable and durable construction site covers to protect your site from debris and weather.
  • Permanent and temporary structures and tents to protect your equipment and workers.
  • Customized construction site covers to meet your exact needs.

Our structures can serve as lunch tents or temporary warehouses to secure sensitive supplies and costly equipment. Don’t let schedule setbacks and weather delays decrease your productivity.

Using a Mahaffey Fabric Structure as a utility tent is ideal for engineers, contractors and utility companies who often experience significant delays due to the environment in which their employees work.

Whether it’s because of the frigid cold temperatures of the North or the extreme heat of the South, working conditions can be the key factor in deadline setbacks. Mahaffey’s climate-controlled fabric structures and construction site covers provide the optimal solution to these challenges as well as an unbeatable advantage to brick and mortar buildings.

Industrial fabric structures are an ideal solution to boost productivity while protecting workers and equipment from uncontrolled elements, such as weather or unexpected construction site damage. Mahaffey's site coverings and structures also present a way to control interior temperature and humidity for improved comfort as well!

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    Construction Site Covers

    Don't let schedule setbacks and weather delays decrease your productivity. Let Mahaffey cover your job site and eliminate any interruptions.
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    Construction Shelters

    Mahaffey structures provide all-weather protection from the elements and their durability is strong enough to ensure the longevity of the shelter.

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Mahaffey has provided construction shelters for concrete pours, plumbing installations, and masonry jobs to protect operations from wind, rain, and cold. This is especially important during harsh conditions to maintain proper curing, as well as to keep crews working, regardless of the weather outside.


Mahaffey can provide your business with an immediate, custom-built maintenance tent that can be leased temporarily or semi-permanently, depending on your need. Our custom fabric structures can provide shelter for large-scale applications from equipment storage tents to pipe welding and fabrication.