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White Paper: Temporary Structure Applications

Whether your equipment needs protection from harsh weather, your facility needs more space for increased production, or your people need a climate-controlled, covered space—temporary structures are virtually limitless in their utility. Learn more about real-life temporary-structure applications across industries, as well as structure considerations for your next project.

Sunbelt Rentals Industrial Brochure

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Structure Details

Sunbelt Rentals' line of multipurpose products offer optimal performance and a superior advantage that outweighs traditional buildings.

Building Components

Familiarize yourself with the parts that make up a Sunbelt Rentals structure.


Have a question about one of our structures? We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about our structures' many features, durability, efficiency, etc.

Why Lease?

Sunbelt Rentals provides leasing options for all of our temporary structures. Find out why leasing may be a better option than purchasing.