Extreme Weather Structures

Structures designed to weather the most extreme conditions.

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Customizable work space solutions for areas with heavy snow, rain or wind

Sunbelt Rentals' products are durable and can withstand the frigid cold of the North and intense heat of the South. The many components of these extreme weather structures make them expandable and geographically diverse. We can provide the same structure in different locations and environments for various applications. Our structures can also withstand extremely high winds and large amounts of snow.

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For sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind, Sunbelt Rentals creates engineered, climate-controlled, durable work covers to keep crews comfortable and projects on-schedule. Totally customizable solutions mean you can create work spaces tailored to your needs, and when your project is complete, Sunbelt Rentals' shelters are quickly disassembled and removed by our expert team.

Generically configured or regular structures aren’t engineered to withstand the long-term stress or extreme weather conditions encountered over months or years of use. They’re certainly not configured to withstand the force of high wind or heavy snow loads. A generic structure is likely to “fold like a tent” at the worst possible time, ruining valuable equipment and endangering the safety of your employees.

That’s why your first choice for a temporary structure in a high wind-load or heavy snow-load area should be the Tension Series™ (MTS™) fabric structure.

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    Winter Storage Solution

    With standard off-the-shelf snow loads of 30 and 130 mph wind loads, our warehouse and bulk storage buildings are at home in harsh environments.

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Sunbelt Rentals has provided construction shelters for concrete pours, plumbing installations, and masonry jobs to protect operations from wind, rain, and cold. This is especially important during harsh conditions to maintain proper curing, as well as to keep crews working, regardless of the weather outside.

Military & Government

As an approved GSA provider, Sunbelt Rentals provides temporary structures for such projects as temporary troop cities, emergency and semi-permanent warehouses, temporary military hangars, and other applications. Sunbelt Rentals offers complete Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) consisting of DFAC facilities, sleeping structures, mobile shower trailers, power distribution, and climate control.


Sunbelt Rentals offers temporary structures for shelter, storage and business continuity facilities to put your organization back on its feet after a disaster. Regardless of the nature of your situation, adequate shelter is key to survival in emergency situations. Sunbelt Rentals offers the optimum combination of vast experience and large inventory of temporary shelters and portable buildings.

Business Continuity

Relocation, expansion, and new construction create the need for temporary space to continue business as usual. From a single, relocatable office to a complete multi-sectional facility, Sunbelt Rentals will deliver a high-quality, innovative solution customized to your requirements.


Sunbelt Rentals can provide your business with an immediate, custom-built maintenance tent that can be leased temporarily or semi-permanently, depending on your need. Our custom fabric structures can provide shelter for large-scale applications from equipment storage tents to pipe welding and fabrication.