Emergency Response Disaster Shelters & Relief Tents

Rapidly deployed, disaster shelters and base camps help get things back to normal when disaster strikes.

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Emergency shelters and services: An essential part of your emergency preparedness plan

Every moment counts when a disaster strikes. You have to mobilize quickly, and you need an experienced partner who can respond immediately to your needs.
Make Sunbelt Rentals part of your emergency preparedness playbook. 
With more than 25 years of experience in hurricane response and other disaster relief projects, Sunbelt Rentals is your emergency response quarterback. Call or email our team today to talk about your preparedness and response plan.

You don't need one more thing to handle during a time of disaster

Our disaster teams work autonomously to be there for you when it counts. With just one phone call to Sunbelt Rentals, experienced project managers and installation teams will take care of shelter planning and set-up for you.
Our crews are fully self-sufficient, traveling with supplies to live and work comfortably for seven days. We have a vast inventory of temporary shelter facilities, supplies and equipment in our warehouse, ready when you need them. Our turnkey base camps are
immediately available, 24/7. And, we can dispatch in as little as two hours.
When the worst is behind you, our crew returns and takes the structures down for you.
Thats our turnkey emergency service promise.

Anywhere, any size, any time

  • A rapid-response promise, because every second counts
  • Turnkey solutions that relieve some of your stress
  • Fast installation, handled for you
  • Large inventory immediately available at any time of day or night to shelter any population size
Sunbelt Rentals disaster response solutions: 


Business continuity with Sunbelt Rentals

Dont let a disaster demobilize your business. Delays are costly, and we know you need to get back up and running quicklyThats why we have a full inventory of ready-to>-deploy business continuity solutions, like portable temporary warehouse and storage space, emergency relief shelters food and dining facilities, and water services to fit your business needs. We're proud to offer:
  • Durable and portable fabric structures for short-term or long-term storage and warehousing needs.
  • Climate controlled temporary fabric structures with additional amenities to ensure your customers and staff are comfortable.
  • Custom fabric structure solutions that are as elegant as they are exact to your site.
Sunbelt Rentals is an unparalleled expert when it comes to providing business continuity fabric structures. Our fabric solutions are as durable as they are functional, and as portable as they are elegant.
As always, with just one phone call, our project managers and installation team will have your business covered for as long as you need us. Call or email our team today to talk about your continuity plan.

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  • disaster relief shelter

    Emergency Relief Shelter

    Food services and fueling depots are two accommodations we can provide during a situation such as this.
  • Medical relief Tents.jpg

    Emergency Relief

    Medical tents allow the perfect space for refuge and relief, whether for disaster response, a temporary base camp, security checkpoints or treatment facilities.
  • Disaster Response shelter.jpg

    Disaster Response Base Camps

    With a large inventory, in-house transportation capabilities and proven experience, we stand ready to respond.
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  • IMG_1067-(1)

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Safety is our top priority

Sunbelt Rentals is proud to hold HAZWOPER, TWIC, DISA and OSHA certifications as well as site-specific credentials. Our teams consist of employees with diverse skills and distinguished certifications—from CDL drivers to environmental specialists. Sunbelt Rentals also maintains an active status with the DISA Contractors Consortium Policy.

Our certifications are set in place to help to better our employees, improve their expertise and to ensure the continuing growth of the products and services we provide.

"Emergency relief projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers are always challenging. Sunbelt Rentals' Fabric Structures met all those challenges and really exceeded our expectations."

– Christopher D., Vice President of Operations, ESA South, Inc.

Extreme Weather Structures

For sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind, Sunbelt Rentals creates engineered, climate-controlled, fully lit work covers to keep crews comfortable and projects on-schedule. Totally customizable solutions means you can create work spaces tailored to your needs, and when your project is complete, Sunbelt Rentals shelters are quickly disassembled and removed by our expert team.

Base Camp & Living Facilities

Services range from complete turnkey base camps and FOB support to the installation of single components, such as DFAC, AAR and TOC tents, admin tents and more. Comprised of experts from the military, construction and logistics fields, we provide a collaboration of dedicated support to demanding clients.

Temporary Firehouses

In addition to practicing fire safety, we are honored to have installed several temporary fire houses both in disaster relief and new construction covers. These structures can be erected on any surface at any size to house multiple firetrucks and equipment. All of our temporary structures include at least two exits, our fabric is flame retardant and all buildings adhere to local fire codes.

Water Services

Sunbelt Rentals provides water supply, storage and disposal using options from tankers to bladders depending on the location and requirements. All temporary systems are designed site-specific taking distance and elevation into account. Water systems can be as simple as providing water for a shower unit or maintaining water and waste disposal for showerheads, laundry facilities and kitchen operations all at the same time.

Amenities (HVAC, Lights)

Sunbelt Rentals' industrial fabric structures can be fitted with virtually any accessory found in new construction, from flooring to lighting and everything in between.

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