Automotive Manufacturer Pushes Project Forward Through the Power of Sunbelt Rentals


An automotive manufacturer made plans to build a multi-billion-dollar facility in the Southern United States. They needed a protected area on site where thousands of contractors could congregate, eat lunch and take breaks.

Having partnered with the Sunbelt Rentals team in the past, the manufacturer knew that Sunbelt Rentals would take care of their wide-ranging needs with care and efficiency.

As part of Sunbelt Rentals, the manufacturer harnessed the full power of Sunbelt Rentals’ lineup of products and services to provide the client with everything they needed to push the project forward — all under one roof.

The Challenge

At the height of the capital project, the manufacturer planned to have upwards of 3,000 contractors on site. With so many crews coming and going at any given moment, minimizing travel time was a critical priority for the client.

The client could save time, money and fuel by keeping the contractors on site for lunches, breaks and meetings, but nowhere on site could support the crew size.

They called on Sunbelt Rentals to design a custom temporary fabric structure to give the contractors a central place to take breaks while protecting them against the volatile weather of the Southern U.S.

 In addition to the temporary structure, the client needed a host of industrial-grade equipment, hand tools and specialized on-site services to get the job done — making Sunbelt Rentals and the manufacturer the perfect team to provide all of the above.

The Client's Structure Needed:


23,000 Square Feet


Picnic Tables


Interior Lighting






Large Overhead Door

The Solution

Sunbelt Rentals engineered a 100-by-230-foot Mega Series structure that would comfortably fit the massive crew and provide protection against the elements. The solution was complete with access and egress doors, emergency exit lighting, interior lighting, picnic tables and a large overhead door to ease the transportation of vending machines and other equipment.

Sunbelt Rentals was the one-stop shop for all the client’s needs. Sunbelt Rentals supported the contractors and kept the project moving forward by providing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, a generator, heavy equipment such as forklifts and end loaders, general hand-held tools, side-by-side UTVs and more.

The client also needed a way to get heavy equipment across the job site without causing significant damage to the grounds, so Sunbelt Rentals offered ground protection to keep the site in shape.

As the on-site provider of structure and equipment rentals, the client designated a lot on-site for the Sunbelt Rentals team to use as equipment storage and as a workshop for preventative equipment maintenance and repairs.

The Result

Sunbelt Rentals installed the lunch structure in only two weeks, preparing the space quickly for the onslaught of contractors. With this lunch and break area, the client is able to improve their crew’s productivity, efficiency and satisfaction.

The client also has roughly six acres of Sunbelt Rentals equipment on site, which has kept the project on track by providing consistent, reliable performance. Sunbelt Rentals was able to help the client simplify the project and minimize the time spent coordinating with third-party vendors by offering all the needed on-site services and equipment under a single brand.

The Takeaways

Chris-Hill-blueProject Manager Chris Hill said the project perfectly exemplifies the power of the Sunbelt Rentals partnership. Sunbelt Rentals' temporary and semi-permanent fabric structures complement Sunbelt Rentals’ portfolio of on-site products and services, allowing clients to save time, money, energy
and stress.

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