Berry-Compliant Structure Adds Billeting Space to U.S. Military Base


When the United States military needed some comfortable billeting structures in a short timeframe, they turned to the experts at Sunbelt Rentals. Because of extensive experience creating structures for government and military branches, Sunbelt Rentals was well-versed in the applicable security and safety requirements for this project.

These structures couldn’t use just any materials. As spaces for the military, they required all components be made in the United States. This was a direct result of the Berry Amendment, which stipulates the Department of Defense must spend its funds on products manufactured within the U.S. Sunbelt Rentals has the capabilities to provide Berry-compliant solutions and was able to meet client needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

The Challenge

The billeting structures were vital to keep everyone on base in a central location. Without these structures, the client would need to keep soldiers at an off-site location, ultimately resulting in a loss of valuable time and money. Because of the urgency of the project, the client needed Sunbelt Rentals to install 12 Berry-compliant structures in less than a week. 


The necessity of compliance to the Berry Amendment for this project didn’t pose a new challenge to Sunbelt Rentals. Sunbelt Rentals is able to support clients across the country with a large inventory of Berry-compliant materials. When requested, Sunbelt Rentals can provide high-quality fabric structures that meet the government’s requirements. 

After receiving a last-minute award for the project, Sunbelt Rentals mobilized its crews immediately and headed to the site to start working. Bad weather plagued Sunbelt Rentals' first day on the ground, but the crews maintained their efficiency and safety despite the conditions. As one of several different contractors on site, Sunbelt Rentals had to carefully work around other crews while installing the structures.

The Client's Structure Needed: 


56,000 Total Sq Ft


Adherence to the Berry Amendment




Interior Partitions



Our Solution

The solution for this unique challenge took up around 56,000 square feet in total. Despite the large scope of the project and the site conditions, Sunbelt Rentals' team finished installing the structures in only six days. 

The structures were staked into the ground, complete with doors for easy entrance. To keep the soldiers comfortable while sleeping, the structures included amenities such as air-conditioning. And to provide additional separation and privacy to the soldiers, the structures used interior partitions; dividing the sleep space into three sections and adding complexity to the final product.

The Result

blakem-1Sunbelt Rentals' solution saved the client significant time and money by allowing them to keep all of the soldiers in one location. The client said the quality of the structures exceeded their expectations. Among a crowd of competitor projects on site, Sunbelt Rentals' structures stood above the rest.

Project Manager Blake Myers said this project demonstrated what Sunbelt Rentals can do and how quickly they can do it. Sunbelt Rentals' crews worked efficiently to complete expansive structures for the client under a tight deadline. Though the solution came together quickly, it did not sacrifice appearance or quality. The structures provided high-quality billeting space that looked attractive inside and out. 

The Takeaways

If you have a project that demands compliance to the Berry Amendment, give our team at Sunbelt Rentals a call. Whether you need a structure for sleeping or a more unique use, Mahaffey has the inventory and expertise to meet your project requirements while providing a high-quality solution you cannot find anywhere else. 

Racing against the clock? No problem. Sunbelt Rentals is your go-to partner for projects of wide-ranging sizes and scopes under tight deadlines. You deserve a partner who is committed to delivering legendary service on any timeline. Call today to speak with one of Sunbelt Rentals' expert project managers.

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