Fabric Structure used at Former Gas Plant for Environmental Remediation

Sunbelt Rentals was called by an environmental remediation company to assist with a project where a negative pressure tent was needed to prevent contaminated soil fumes into the air.


The site had previously been home to a manufactured gas plant, which had contaminated the soil for years. Mitch Holt, Sunbelt Rentals' environmental remediation expert, visited the site to gain a 1st-hand understanding of the requirements and unique challenges of the project. Due to the surrounding neighborhood, it was critical to keep the contaminated soil and fumes out of the air. The project was also particularly challenging because of the heavy wind and snow loads, so the structure had to be able to withstand harsh weather. Fabric buildings don't often meet the requirements, but Sunbelt Rentals was able to determine that an MTS would be able to sustain the harsh environment.

In the end, Sunbelt Rentals installed a Mahaffey Tension Series (MTS) serving as a negative pressure environment, and the customer was able to move the contaminated soil out of the area.

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Topics: Environmental Containment Extreme Weather Structures