Centennial Celebration: "Celebrating a Century of Technology"


A globally renowned event and brand development company based in New York, New York, contacted Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures needing two structures for a client’s upcoming corporate event. The customer was looking for a large, prestigious space to showcase their client’s innovation over the past 100 years. Sunbelt Rentals was able to meet their needs by providing two clearspan structures – one with white fabric tops and walls, the other with clear tops and walls – complete with double glass doors, enhanced lighting options, raised flooring and carpet.

How We Helped

The client has always been on the cutting edge of modern technology, so it was imperative that the event be representative of that. The purpose of this project was to create a state-of-the-art event space for our customer’s client. The customer requested two separate structures – one to house a VIP dining and cocktail area, the other set up as a presentation facility. The end client was going to have over 1,300 VIPs in attendance, and the objective was to provide spectacular venues to showcase the client’s innovative and storied history. It was requested that the presentation area be set up theater-style, complete with custom graphics on the exterior, blackout fabric for the audiovisual component, and an enhanced lighting system. The client also requested that the attendees’ views be unobstructed, so even the double peak tent was not an option due to center poles.

We supplied them with two clearspan structures:

  • 50’ x 115’
  • 132’ x 150’

The prominence of this company made it unique. The event took place in June, and the client wanted the VIP area to be covered completely with clear fabric to add an uber-lounge feel. A clear structure was also requested in order for guests to see the corporate headquarters behind it.


Heat was  obviously going to be a factor, which was combated with extra tonnage of AC   all of which had to be  masked so it would not take away from the ambience of the event. In doing so, our manufacturing department had to  custom fabricate blackout and clear walls with cutouts matched to the ventilation specifications. T his was the 100-year anniversary and VIPs were flown in from all over the country so everything had  to be done to perfection.
Flooring for both structures also presented a slight challenge, as it had to be custom  built so that there was no gap between the frame and raised flooring system. Lighting was slightly  complex as well. Although it was not a Sunbelt Rentals lighting system, Sunbelt Rentals had to figure out how to distribute the weight of theatrical light trusses horizontally along our structure trusses. We worked out a secure solution and ended up using the six center trusses. The bay spacing was slightly adjusted, staying in line with all engineering requirements.  Additionally, Sunbelt Rentals was given a total of seven days for installation of the two-day event,  though our teams were finished in five.
Even though the client’s corporate headquarters were located here, there were a few residential properties that backed up to it. As one would imagine, the residents were sensitive to noise, so by 6 p.m. every day, the crew had to work quietly without large equipment to make everyone happy. This made the tight timeline even tighter.

Results and Future Plans

The customer was exceedingly pleased with the finished product – a 15m x 35m (50’ x 115’) clear top structure and a 40m x 45m (132’ x 150’) clearspan fabric structure. The careful planning, forward thinking, and made-to-order solutions resulted in a successful event that drew rave reviews from attendees. They were able to enjoy two days and nights of meetings, meals, and modern technology in a beautifully transformed locale. The 25,000+ square feet of structures was so well received that the customer has contacted us to provide two more structures this fall.

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