Sunbelt Rentals Innovates Military Depot in Era of COVID-19


When the coronavirus pandemic began, it changed how businesses, schools, governments and individuals operated every day. As Americans began to social-distance and self-quarantine, essential personnel like the U.S. Military had an urgent need to adjust their regular procedures to protect their soldiers and the public.

The Challenge

Sunbelt Rentals received notice that a major military depot needed temporary quarters for new service men and women — part of the military’s COVID-19 contingency plan.

As an approved GSA provider, Sunbelt Rentals was tasked to build 60,000 square feet of temporary living space for 1,500 men and women. The structures would be used to temporarily quarantine incoming military recruits before being assigned to boot camp in other areas of the country, ensuring recruits were coronavirus-symptom-free prior to boot camp orientation.

These structures were comprised of multiple men's barracks, women's barracks, dining halls, recreational areas, and more — with interior layouts strictly adhering to CDC recommendations for social distancing. Due to the urgency brought on by the pandemic, Sunbelt Rentals was tasked with erecting all structures in less than three weeks.

The client’s structure needed:


200,000 sq. feet of structure


Interior layouts adhering to CDC recommendations for social distancing

Living, dining, and sleeping quarters




Electrical and water utilities


15+ personnel doors


 The solution

Sunbelt Rentals' turnkey solution was the perfect fit. With raised-wood subfloors, lighting and climate control, Sunbelt Rentals temporary barracks offered all the necessities to keep the recruits comfortable and safe during their temporary quarantine.

Sunbelt Rentals' solution included the following features:

  • A 30K square foot male sleep tent subdivided into ten 3K square foot sections
    • 10 doors
    • 100 lights
    • 420 cots
    • flooring
  • 10K square foot female sleep tent subdivided into three 3.3K square foot sections
    • 3 doors
    • 12 lights
    • 105 cots
    • flooring
  • 20K square foot dining structure subdivided into three 7K square foot sections
    • 6 doors
    • 32 lights
  • 260 tables w/ corresponding chairs
  • 1K square foot office tent
  • 1K square foot laundry tent
  • 1500 square foot communications tent
  • 400 square foot auxiliary tent


The result

After Sunbelt Rentals received the call, trucks were loaded and en route the same afternoon. The following morning, Sunbelt Rentals crews were on-site and construction of the 200,000 square feet of clear span structures was underway.

Matt Hixson and Terry Logan, the co-project managers, knew the structures were of vital importance to housing hundreds of active military members. Both Matt and Terry stayed in constant contact with the field operations teams, ensuring a speedy and accurate installation.

The temporary quarantine facilities were completed to specifications within the required three-week time frame and continue to serve as temporary housing for incoming recruits.

The takeaways

Mah-covid-marineFor years, Sunbelt Rentals has provided clear span fabric structures for turnkey base camps complete with sleeping structures, mobile shower trailers, power distribution, climate control and other building components — but a project of this size and importance amidst a global pandemic required Sunbelt Rentals to deploy teams and materials faster than ever before.

As an approved GSA provider, Sunbelt Rentals has years of experience in delivering turnkey solutions for military and aviation clients. Sunbelt Rentals' portfolio includes customized hangars for the Coastguard, U.S. Air Force, and the Marine One helicopter fleet. If you have a need for temporary fabric structure solutions, turn to a partner trusted by America’s Military with a proven track record of consistently delivering. Choose Sunbelt Rentals.

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