Sunbelt Rentals MegaStructure™ Solution Wins Race For Global Automaker

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A global luxury-car manufacturer faced a massive backlog in production. The customer demand for luxury vehicles far exceeded the plant’s capacity and production pace. Preordered vehicles were “sold” before they rolled off the assembly line and droves of anxious customers awaited their arrival. Local dealerships anticipated disaster with impending delivery dates and urged the manufacturer to find a fast fix to the problem.

The manufacturer’s response was an urgent call for an off-site, fully-customized warehouse structure to handle the final detailing of vehicles and speed up production. Along with the daunting task of speeding up the process, came the additional issues of customizing the structure for automotive production and employee habitation.

They tapped Sunbelt Rentals to provide turnkey services for their project based on a long-standing, ongoing working relationship. They knew from experience that Sunbelt Rentals was the only temporary-fabric structure partner who could handle the exacting customizations in the timeframe allowed.

The Challenge

The most significant challenges included the client’s firm deadline request of only three weeks from the project’s start to a fully-operational warehouse. In addition to the tight deadline, the structure had several customizations that were critical to its success.

One critical customization was insulating the structure to keep employees stationed inside safe and comfortable. The detailing area needed to begin production during the summer months when temperatures are hottest in the southeast. The climate meant the client required a product durable enough to withstand the harsh environment, so they asked Sunbelt Rentals to provide insulation for the entire structure. They also wanted the structure to remain on-site indefinitely, so it needed to consist of a sturdy semi-permanent material. 

The client requested the structure size be at least 16,000 Sq. Ft. to perform the detailing functions. Additionally, they asked for customized garage doors to provide expeditious movement of vehicles.

The client’s structure needed:


Fast installation


Fully insulated 


Customized for automotive manufacturing

Large enough to house personnel and multiple vehicles

Garage doors for vehicles

Personnel doors for employees

Ensure compliance with city regulations

Lighting and HVAC packages

The Solution

Sunbelt Rentals' team carefully considered the timeline and exact specifications of the client’s request. Sunbelt Rentals custom products and unique experience was essential for several of the requested customizations for this project.

The Sunbelt Rentals MegaStructure™ was proposed as the ideal solution to fit the customer’s needs. This industrial clear span fabric structure is best suited for semi-permanent applications of at least three months and is suitable for industrial projects, turnaround events and those applications located in areas with harsh climate conditions, including extreme heat.

The proposal included Guardian™ insulated-steel hard-side panels to provide crucial insulation necessary for the clear span structure. Sunbelt Rentals then offered a custom solution to ensure a fully-insulated structure – the addition of fitted, rolled insulation under the roof.

The design included customized gables and eaves to allow the installation of specialized garage doors. Sunbelt Rentals recommended five garage doors with electric motors and motion sensors to assist the flow of vehicles.

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In addition to fast, professional installation, Sunbelt Rentals proposed secure access personnel doors, four 25-ton HVAC units and four custom duct socks to complete the request.

Sunbelt Rentals' team worked closely with the manufacturer to design and customize the product. The team also devised an implementation plan to complete well within the timeline desired.

Sunbelt Rentals' solution included the following features:

  • 17,224 sq. ft.– MegaStructure™ (peak height: 34’)
  • 5 motorized garage doors
  • 3 single personnel-entry doors
  • LED lighting package
  • 4 25-ton HVAC units
  • 4 custom duct socks for HVAC
  • Insulated-steel hard sides
  • Insulated roof with custom liner
  • Expert project managers, designers and installation team


Even though the timeline was tight, the heat index high and the customizations formidable, Sunbelt Rentals' team of experts managed to install and customize the whole project in only 20 days!

The Result

The manufacturer was impressed but NOT surprised that Sunbelt Rentals was able to meet its manufacturing deadline and provide every custom detail requested. The structure is currently serving its intended purpose. The client is so happy, they’ve already asked Sunbelt Rentals to install two additional clear span structures at other locations.

The Takeaways

Sunbelt Rentals' team delivers on its promise. Sunbelt Rentals has years of industry experience and many custom proprietary products in its arsenal to back up the promise. No other fabric provider offers an equivalent to Sunbelt Rentals' complement of services. That’s why clients choose Sunbelt Rentals over and over again.

No request is too complicated for Sunbelt Rentals' team of experts. The Sunbelt Rentals team worked rapidly to complete this installation professionally, safely, on schedule, and within budget.

Do you need a quick, reliable, professional partner? If so, call one of our expert project managers at Sunbelt Rentals.

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