Sunbelt Rentals' MTS™ Series Drives Big Rig Growth For Global Manufacturer


Long-haul trucks are the transport giants of the highways. Vehicles used to deliver America's produce, dry goods, automobiles and livestock are worth their weight in gold to distributors. They are also in high demand. The surge in demand for these wheeled titans landed a global manufacturer on the hot seat.

This manufacturing plant couldn't produce the number of trucks they were scheduled to deliver due to lack of space, so leadership decided to take the assembled vehicles – lacking only the final details – and move them to another location. This move would free up space in the current plant and give them the capacity to increase production. All they needed to complete the plan was a fast, temporary-warehouse solution to expedite production.

They chose Sunbelt Rentals as their solutions partner based on a long-term professional relationship and the trust and confidence they felt Sunbelt Rentals had earned through performance on past projects.

The Challenge

This manufacturing client faced a couple of significant challenges, including the timeline and how to get the biggest bang for production with their limited external space.

They desperately wanted the temporary structure completed before the winter season. In addition to the timeframe, they needed a structure sturdy and durable enough to remain on-site for a year. The plant resided in the northeast, and the structure had to withstand the harsh winter plus adhere to county regulations regarding snow-load capacity.

They also encountered a significant challenge with limited available space on campus that required expert consultation from Sunbelt Rentals. They counted on Sunbelt Rentals to plan and design a structure that made optimal use of the space, ideally resulting in the largest fabric structure possible with a design that would allow for the most efficient use of warehouse space – meaning a space that would accommodate the largest number of trucks for finishing.

The client’s structure needed:


Fast installation


Customized to fit the site location

Large enough to accommodate several trucks

Cargo-bay doors to serve as the entrance and exit

Personnel doors for employees


Safety features 


Ensure compliance with city regulations

Lighting and climate-control packages

The Solution

The Sunbelt Rentals team examined the customizations and specifications for the warehouse project. After consideration of the available space, harsh climate and limited construction space, the team proposed a solution using the Mahaffey Tension Series (MTS™) fabric structure. This structure is engineered using the standard peaked-arch profile and has proven perfect for shedding snow in “snow country.” The MTS is an industrial fabric, engineered to install quickly and easily relocated or expanded. It’s flexibility allows it to serve projects requiring temporary or semi-permanent applications.

The designated area allowed Sunbelt Rentals to design a warehouse finishing area with 9,200 Sq. Ft. of space. The warehouse allowed the inclusion of two cargo doors, two rows for vehicles and at its highest capacity held 14 semi-truck cabs

Sunbelt Rentals' solution included the following features:

  • 9,200 sq. ft., MTS™ Series (compliant with snow-load specifications)
    2 rolling steel cargo doors
    2 single personnel entry doors
    LED lighting package and heating unit
    Climate-control package (including two Big Ass™ fans)
    Expert project managers, designers and installation team


After being initially approached in August, the installation team was on track to complete the project in plenty of time for winter. However, the installation phase dragged because of permitting issues with the location's administrative office. The permitting issues postponed the start date for a couple of months, but Sunbelt Rentals' experienced team had no problem dealing with these "speed bumps" and meeting the requested timeline.

Sunbelt Rentals' four-person crew arrived on-site in November ready to begin the installation. Mother Nature decided to unload 7 inches of snow one night after installation began, but the team had a contingency plan. They had anticipated the weather, preassembled the frame and attached the footplates before the snow started falling. As soon as weather permitted, they completed the installation.

Sunbelt Rentals worked closely with the client to plan and execute this installation. The team quickly completed the project – in spite of the weather – in just 10 days.

The Result

Sunbelt Rentals' custom products, expert consultation, and turnkey services helped these auto manufacturers maintain rigorous schedules, meet their production deadlines and satisfy the needs of their customers.

The client continues holding the structure under lease on-site for the next several months.

The Takeaways

A temporary solution proved to be the champion for this auto manufacturer's immediate need. It's essential to have a reliable partner with decades of experience in the industry when facing challenges such as overflow, scheduling or production capacity. Sunbelt Rentals is that partner.

Sunbelt Rentals has a warehouse full of products that can be installed and operational in just a few days. The Sunbelt Rentals online portfolio of projects shows hundreds of examples.

Sunbelt Rentals is a partner that will consistently exceed expectations. Call today to speak with an expert project manager.

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