Tension Series Structures Protect Logistics Company from Frost Law Fines


As the snow season approached, a logistics company in the wind industry needed a place to protect assets against the winter weather.

Finding off-site space would be inefficient and costly, requiring overhead investment disproportionate to the short timeframe they needed storage space.

The client found the ideal time-saving solution: a temporary Tension Series (MTS™) structure designed to withstand high wind and shed heavy snow.

The Challenge

The logistics company had to find a way to safely store several large motors for wind turbines through the long winter. The client had to keep the motors on site because of the local Frost Law, seasonal weight restrictions enforced to protect roadways from damage while they are vulnerable to regular freezing and thawing.

Each motor measured roughly 15 feet tall, 15 feet wide and 15 feet long, demanding a flexible storage solution that comfortably accommodated the bulky modules. Because the wind-farm site experienced extreme weather, the structure also had to be able to stand tall amid harsh conditions.

Previously, after storms destroyed a tent they had purchased from another company, the client called on Sunbelt Rentals to provide a more durable, long-lasting solution. Having first-hand experience with the strength and reliability of Sunbelt Rentals structures, the client knew Sunbelt Rentals would be up for the challenge this snow season.

The Client's Structure Needed:




Cargo Doors


Durability Against
Heavy Wind


Ability to
Shed Snow

The Solution

Sunbelt Rentals and the client decided on a temporary storage solution consisting of two MTS™ structures, one measuring 132-by-180 feet and the other 71-by-82 feet. The MTS™ line, engineered using the standard peaked-arch profile, provides a high wind load and a snow-shedding capability that perfectly meets client needs.

The MTS™ product is also modular in design, providing the client the flexibility to relocate if needed. The structures were complete with 20-by-20-foot cargo doors, allowing the client to easily maneuver cranes in and out to lift and transport the motors.

Sunbelt Rentals began installing the structures on the client’s wind farm in late October at the beginning of the region’s bad-weather season. As the forecast started to show signs of snow and faster winds, Sunbelt Rentals expert crews worked efficiently and safely to get the structures in place, completing the installation in only 23 days despite the unfavorable conditions.

The Result


Project Manager Blake Myers said the final solution was exactly what the client needed. With the structures in place, the client could rest easy knowing their wind-turbine modules were safe until Frost Law was no longer in effect. Sunbelt Rentals has already begun designing a similar solution for the client to use in a different project next year.


The Takeaways

As enforcement begins for seasonal frost laws, drivers could face steep fines for transporting large loads. Rather than storing heavy assets in a third-party location, avoid any costly fees by maximizing your on-site space with a Sunbelt Rentals temporary fabric structure. Scalable and durable, Sunbelt Rentals temporary and semi-permanent solutions can protect your personnel, resources and site from heavy wind, snow or sleet.


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