Temporary Hangar for Aircraft Servicing

In late 2014, Mahaffey was contacted by a company representative who wanted to expand their maintenance capabilities; however, they were not quite ready to build additional hangar space. They wanted  to see if we could provide a temporary solution that would enable them to take on additional maintenance lines without having to wait on the construction of an aircraft hangar


A challenging part of the project was the development of a practical and economic door solution as the temporary hangar would be used for 3 years. Sunbelt Rentals provided our X-tension door system. This provided the client with a functioning door system at a fraction of the cost of traditional hangar door systems. The temporary hangar worked so well, that another hangar was ordered the next year. Currently, there are plans in place to increase the number of temporary hangars to four.


Sunbelt Rentals was able to provide a solution that would extend an existing hangar which would allow them to utilize it for the type of aircraft that they service. Our client was able to increase their maintenance line without waiting for a new hangar or spending large sums of money that was not currently available. This enabled the client to take on additional business and demonstrate their capability to service it without significant infrastructure investments. Because of the success, our client has now added plans to expand the number of temporary hangars. 

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