Temporary Warehouse for Feintool

Feintool manufactures automotive parts and was planning an upcoming expansion but needed a solution that allowed them to increase their manufacturing capability sooner. Increased sales in the automotive industry due to large customer demand forced our client to seek alternative solutions to meet the higher production capacity demanded by their automotive manufacturing partner. The client turned to Sunbelt Rentals to provide multiple temporary warehousing structures that allowed them to move their warehousing space to our temporary structures. This allowed them to convert their interior warehousing space into manufacturing lines.


Initially, Sunbelt Rentals performed a site inspection and worked with the client to devise a two structure solution. The structures would be installed at different times to allow the client to begin their expansion while also providing them additional warehousing space. Hard sides were also added to the project to keep the company's inventory secure, as well as to provide additional protection from the elements. One structure was connected to the building in order to streamline forklift traffic and to keep sensitive components from traveling outside in the elements. It was particularly challenging connecting the structure to their existing building to ensure weather protection. In the end, the Sunbelt Rentals team was successful in securing the temporary structure to the existing building so it was protected from the weather. 


Our temporary warehouse allowed our client to increase their production capability, thus increasing their market share and maintaining their customers’ trust and confidence. By working closely with our client’s schedule and needs, we facilitated the additional space and did so in a manner that did not impede their capability to simultaneously begin (and complete) construction of their plant expansion. Overall, our client was able to address both short term and long term goals at the same time without the need to sacrifice one over the other.

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