Mahaffey Max 756 Blast resistant Structures – Now Zone 1 Capable (on most sites)

For temporary break areas, offices and meeting spaces on industrial job sites, there’s no substitute for a MAX 756 blast resistant tent structure. It meets all the blast criteria of RP 756 and provides a spacious, scalable interior, efficient climate control, fast installation and a streamlined footprint on nearly any foundation with minimal lead time.

Maximize wrench time, productivity and savings on your next turnaround.

Painstakingly Engineered for Safety

Occupant Vulnerability and Pressure Impulse Curve developed by an internationally recognized blast firm dedicated to helping predict, prevent, and mitigate hazards from explosions, fires and toxic releases.

A MAX 756 For Every Work Site

The leading blast resistant tent structure engineered specifically for RP 756, MAX 756 is the smart alternative to blast resistant modules and bubble tents.

Zone 1 Up to 5 psi
Next generation Super Max 756 can be sited in Zone 1 of most sites.
Zone 2 Up to 2.5 psi
The original MAX 756 blast tent, perfect for most industrial applications.
Zone 3 + beyond Up to .9 psi
Mahaffey can customize an engineered tent structure for your situation.

How much PSI do you really need?

Meeting the requirements of RP 756 is about more than just PSI. Talk to one of our RP 756 specialists to learn more about your options for safe break spaces.

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Tent Comfort.
Blast Structure Strength.

Scalable and Moveable

50’ or 66’ wide; infinitely long. Add and remove space during a single project.

Large, Comfortable Interior

Unify large crews in one spacious, well-lit and climate controlled space.

Streamlined Footprint

No ropes or tie-downs to extend into walkways causing potential trip hazards and wasting valuable space.

No Special Foundation Required

Can be placed on nearly any surface without the need for an engineered foundation.

Customized For Your Use

Add lighting, doors, HVAC, flooring, tables, chairs, partitions, lightning protection and so much more.

Multi-Use Space

Use as a break area, command center, meeting space, warehouse and more.

Plus, MAX 756 withstands extreme weather conditions—greater than 130 MPH wind gusts (3 second gusts) and snow loads up to 25 lb/ft2

See how Max 756 stacks up

Mahaffey Max 756

Select a competitor
  • Blast resistant modules
  • Bubble tents
Mahaffey Max 756
Accommodates crews 50 to 1000+
Spacious and comfortable
Unifies crews under one roof
Simple, rapid logistics
Lead times as quick as 3 weeks
Blast resistant modules
Accommodates ~24 people per module
Cramped and trailer-like
Segregates crews into small groups
Expensive delivery and installation
Can require up to 18 months lead time
Mahaffey Max 756
Easily add and subtract space as you need it
Not dependent on shore power
Small footprint with no ancillary tie downs required
No special foundation required
Bubble tents
Fixed size structure
Requires constant power to remain inflated
Tie-down tethers require additional space
Specific foundation requirements

Maximize wrench time with the MAX 756

Use the sliders BELOW to see how much wrench time MAX 756 can save you over a standard tent.

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Travel time to break area:

Wrench time lost traveling to breaks...
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Simple, Rapid Logistics

MAX 756 tent structures can be deployed and installed quickly with as little as 3 weeks lead time. Take advantage of our expert, safety certified installation team or let your own crew install MAX 756 under the guidance of a MAX 756 installation supervisor team.

The Leasing Advantage

Ideal for crews of 100+ and short or long term projects

With our fixed lease terms, utilize MAX 756 for the length of your project. Don’t worry about repairs, storage of the tent or any of the other drawbacks of ownership. Conserve capital and credit, simplify accounting, taxes and much more. Let us be the tent experts so you can focus on what really matters.

Learn more about the benefits of leasing

Time and again, we count on Mahaffey to provide flexible coverage while offering maximum safety for our turnaround employees.

Customer Testimonial

Let our expert project managers and RP 756 specialists help with your next turnaround planning.

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Lori Dominy Houston Business Development Manager, RP 756 Specialist

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