Temporary Housing For Penguins at the Texas Aquarium

temporary freezer structure

When faced with a multi-phased renovation project, one of Texas' major attractions and fan favorite aquariums turned to Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures to deliver a temporary freezer structure for its beloved penguins.

Sunbelt Rentals' extensive experience and expertise in providing insulated structures for special applications has helped demonstrate our success in providing insulated structures that can maintain temperatures as low as 9 degrees. In fact, Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures was the first company in the United States to successfully install a temporary structure to house ice carving attractions.

Our team of highly trained, extremely capable professionals understand the complexities and engineering challenges that make these types of projects successful. With this in mind, our friends at the Houston, TX Aquarium knew they could count on Sunbelt Rentals to be there, helping them face their challenges with confidence.


While in the midst of a complete renovation of their Aquarium facilities, which was conducted in stages, the Aquarium came to a point where they did not have a facility to house their penguins in while their exhibit and home underwent renovations. As fate would have it, years prior to working on this project, Sunbelt Rentals had worked with the customer to provide an insulated structure for the ICE Land Exhibit. After initial discussions with upper management, Sunbelt Rentals Project Manager, Kevin Ponder (click here to meet Kevin now), advised that a similar structure could be provided to serve as the penguin’s temporary home.


The biggest challenge faced is insulating the entire structure and ensuring that there is enough HVAC/Chiller capacity to ensure that the structure will maintain a constant temperature. In this project's case, the structure would need to stay insulated and kept cooled at all times as to maintain a temperature at or below roughly 40 degrees.


Because of our previous success with the ICE Land project, and our demonstrated ability to provide an insulated structure with similar needs, Sunbelt Rentals teams had complete confidence in our ability to create an environment that would satisfy our customer and keep the penguins comfortable while renovations were being done.

The penguins are currently being housed in a temporary location, but they are doing just fine!

-- says Public Relations Coordinator of Texas aquarium

With the help of the same HVAC/Chiller contractor from the previous project, and our combined level of expertise, Sunbelt Rentals was able to provide an effective solution that the customer envisioned.


Sunbelt Rentals' structures provided the Houston, TX Aquarium with a solution that would allow them to complete their renovation on time, while most importantly, and keep their penguins comfortably cool in their temporary home.

Sunbelt Rentals was proud to be able to provide the temporary tent quickly, ensuring that the Aquarium’s penguins had a comfortable living space — which enabled the Aquarium to house them at their facility and avoid shipping them to another facility for the 4 month renovation period.

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