Sunbelt Rentals Installs Temporary Building for Texas Construction Company R&D Facility

Mahaffey Fabric Structures was contacted by a Gulf Coast-based construction company near Houston, TX to install a temporary building that would be used for drilling research and development. Our client needed a fabric structure to house a 164' x 200' area for extensive foundation pours, some of which were sub-grade.

We had completed a similar project for them the previous year – a production facility that saved the company a great deal of money and time. The original 115' x 170' fabric structure increased productivity by allowing the workers to continue operations regardless of the weather. Following the installation of the production facility, the savings were so significant that the company decided to do it again on a bigger scale for its R&D facility.

Temporary Building for Construction Company

The Challenge

From our previous work with this client, we knew that the site and time of year were going to present their fair share of challenges. Trying to complete projects of this nature during a rainy season can cause continuous delays, as the sheer volume of rain does not allow for enough time between the drilling to prepare the site without the holes filling with water.

For this particular R&D project, delays were piling up due to inclement weather. Furthermore, the increased costs associated with those delays were a huge pain point for the company. Since they were already familiar with our vast inventory and expertise, they immediately turned to Sunbelt Rentals to install a suitable temporary building that would allow them to work regardless of the weather.

Our Solution

Before Sunbelt Rentals, the project's “down time” was costing around $100,000 per week. Based on experience both from past projects for this client and others, we were able to design a solution that would help reduce delays due to unfavorable weather conditions, thereby substantially (and quickly) increasing their profitability.

Despite Sunbelt Rentals encountering some of the same issues that had been delaying the company’s initial progress, such as rainy weather and the equipment sinking in the mud, Sunbelt Rentals successfully installed a 164' x 200' fabric structure to cover the entire foundation preparation on time.

After all construction and R&D underneath the structure had been completed, a crane was brought in to move the structure for the disassembly. A 6-8-man team, a 10,000-lb. extending forklift, and three man lifts were required to finish the job.


Our involvement in this project dramatically reduced costs for the client. The temporary building saved $100,000 per week in preventable downtime, while also increasing the customer’s profitability.

Beyond the cost savings, the fabric structure allowed the construction company to increase efficiencies. Without rain delays, they were able to complete the project more quickly, increase operations, and take on new business in the process.

Temporary Fabric Building

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