Sunbelt Rentals Provides Hurricane Relief Structures in Beaumont/Baytown

Scheduled disruptions can impact business continuity and overall profits, but unforeseen natural disasters can throw a wrench in an already chaotic situation. Regardless of your level of preparation, Sunbelt Rentals provides a reliable transition back to regularly-scheduled business.

The Challenge

Hurricane Harvey destroyed much of the Gulf Coast and left chemical plants and oil refineries losing profits by huge margins every day. Sunbelt Rentals managed two emergency response teams dedicated to recovery efforts in Texas. Both required record-breaking turnaround time in order to minimize damage and get their business schedule back on track.

Our Solution

Two days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, TX, an oil refinery called at 10:30 p.m. requesting a temporary shelter/break area for employees that working overtime due to recovery efforts. After locating a tent available in neighboring Leesville, Louisiana, the crew was loaded and in route the next morning. Despite flooding and traffic delays, the crew was on site within 24 hours and completed installation within 48 hours.

Also in Houston, TX, a similar situation was unfolding on a larger scale. A chemical plant needed a tent large enough to accommodate 1,000 people, in addition to flooring , air conditioning, as well as tables and chairs. Other providers quoted them a set-up timeline of 3-4 weeks, but our crews were able to complete installation in seven days. Similar to the oil refinery, this plant had experienced widespread flooding and anticipated requiring outside contractors to get their system back online. We provided a large-scale customizable temporary structure to provide shelter to those workers and contribute to recovery efforts for six months after initial installation.

The Results

Thanks to Sunbelt Rentals' quick installation time and customizable structures, these two companies were able to minimize damage and losses caused by Hurricane Harvey.

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