Energy Company Uses Sunbelt Rentals Tensioned Series for North Dakota Piping Project

Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures was contacted by a North Dakota-based energy company for assistance during the construction of a piping system between gas and oil wells. The company needed a large temporary structure with large doors for protection from the elements while completing the project.

The Challenge

Our client needed a shelter large enough to fabricate oversized sections of piping and valves, during the harsh North Dakota winter. The Sunbelt Rentals crew was presented with multiple challenges throughout this project due to the extremely low temperatures.

At times during installation, temperatures dropped to around 20 degrees below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Not only were workers at risk of cold weather injuries, but also the terrain on which they were working was frozen.

Equipment malfunction is much more likely in extreme weather, and the crew certainly experienced this. In normal instances, stakes are driven into the ground with sledges and air hammers. The engine blocks on the forklifts froze and fractured, requiring new equipment to be brought in and left running for 24+ hours to prevent freezing.

Our Solution

Upon hearing the needs of our client, and anticipating these challenges from past work, we recommended a Sunbelt Rentals Tension Series, or MTS™ for the project. The MTS can be climate-controlled, and is the best type of engineered structure for a project of this nature. They are incredibly durable and can successfully combat the obstacles presented by a harsh climate, including strong winds and heavy snow. Take a look at the candid footage our on-site project manager captured of the extreme winds in the video below.



The MTS is designed to be quickly-installed for temporary or permanent projects, providing a quick turnaround timeline for clients. A project of this caliber required an extremely large MTS, 26,400 square feet to be exact.

To deal with the extreme climate, the crew implemented a work rotation schedule, allowing team members breaks of relief from the bitter cold. To combat the frozen ground, Sunbelt Rentals resorted to drilling staking holes in the ground during installation.


The use of the MTS proved to be an outstanding success. The deadline of the project was met on time, even in the harsh weather conditions. The experienced Sunbelt Rentals team successfully overcame the ongoing obstacles, most notably of building the structure on frozen terrain.

Our client was able to get an essential project in operation very quickly, due to Sunbelt Rentals' expertise of installing innovative structures in unforgiving climates. Furthermore, the use of the MTS gave our client a major competitive advantage, allowing the business to successfully operate throughout the winter months and continue production during the prime oil rush. Finally, the structure’s durability provided our client with an additional six months of productivity that would have otherwise been impossible.

The company was more than pleased with the quick turnaround from the Sunbelt Rentals team, and very impressed by the structure, itself. Sunbelt Rentals has already been contacted for additional projects in the company’s pipeline.

Extreme weather

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