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Mahaffey Provides Fabric Structures for Pipeline Manufacturing Facility



Mahaffey Fabric Structures was recently asked to provide a temporary pipeline manufacturing facility for a large-scale project in Bay City, Texas. The company needed a stucture to store hydro-phobic valves and electronic control panels. These parts were to be incorporated into the construction project. Due to the facilities location, the reputable company considered using an off-site structure for these materials to be stored as they arrived via freighter. The facilities considered were located in Houston, Texas, approximately 90 miles away from the project site.


In the fall of 2014, Matt Hixson, Project Manager of Mahaffey, made initial contact to discuss a small lunch facility needed for the construction project. As the procurement process continued, the company's procurement contractor conducted an on-site safety audit at our Memphis facility and Mahaffey headquarters. After safety approval was received, Mahaffey teams conducted two site visits to discuss the installation process and site-access requirements.

Mahaffey utilized the following installation processes:

  • Crew of (4) Mahaffey employees – no temporaries
  • (1) 6k Forklift
  • Multiple articulating man-baskets


Efficient, on-site storage, Mahaffey's installed structure allowed the customer to store these essential materials on-site. Since construction, they have begun using an off-site logistics and warehousing services. This appears to suit their needs, but the logistics of this off-site storage provide yet another complication. In order to have these materials on-site, they must order a carrier to arrange delivery. This takes a few days from ordering until materials arrive on-site.


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