Sunbelt Rentals Installs Temporary Warehouse for Wind Turbine Company


Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures was recently contacted by a leading wind turbine company in need of a new temporary facility to accommodate product overflow of massive proportions!

The Challenge:

Our client needed a temporary structurefast. They were looking for a fabric structure to house an overflow of completed and/or damaged wind blades, which would then go through inspection. The problem? Being able to fit all of these giant wind blades inside the structure. Another issue? The temporary warehouse structure needed to be constructed in Colorado in mid-winter. Mahaffey Tension Series Structure

The company, already familiar with Sunbelt Rentals' vast inventory and proven expertise, turned to us to select and install an appropriate, durable fabric structure that could weather a significant snow load and the low temperatures at their inspection center.


Our Solution:

After Sunbelt Rentals' team evaluated several of the job requirements and site specifications, it was clear that a Mahaffey Tension Series (MTS™) was the perfect solution. These temporary buildings have proven their versatility on projects ranging from sports facilities to permanent warehouses in "snow country."

The best part? The MTS™ structure is engineered to be quickly installed for temporary or permanent projects. If a client’s needs change, the structure can also be easily relocated or expanded.

For this project, we installed nearly 13,000 square feet of MTS structure, designed as a seamless extension of the existing building. An extra-large roll-up door allowed the company to maneuver their completed blades into the structure effortlessly for inspection in a dry environment.

The Result and Future Plans:

By installing a turnkey leased solution, Sunbelt Rentals was able to provide the company the ability to continue business operations during ongoing expansion. The installation of this structure enabled the company to both save and increase daily earnings to the tune of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the project enabled us to create an extra tall roll-up door--one of our top-five tallest to-date!

Sunbelt Rentals' extensive experience with installing temporary buildings in all types of harsh weather conditions, along with the innovative design of the MTS™, allowed us to exceed the strict deadline that had been set for this project.

Thanks to our quick turnaround time and an excellent experience working with our installation and project management teams, the client decided to tap Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures for another upcoming project at their facility.


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