Scalable Blast Structure Drives Efficiency During Capital Project


When a Gulf Coast refiner needed a scalable temporary solution, they called on Sunbelt Rentals.

In the oil and gas industry, routine turnarounds and capital projects are key to maintaining plants, refineries and factories. Temporary fabric structures allow projects to run without delays, minimizing downtime by keeping crews as close to the worksite as possible during meetings and lunches.

For the past four years, Sunbelt Rentals has served as a trusted partner for this client, providing flexible solutions to ensure project timelines and budgets stay on track. For this capital project, Sunbelt Rentals' modular design made it easy and efficient for the client to expand the structure to accommodate more personnel.

The Challenge

The refiner needed a way to keep crews on site during the workday lunches and breaks, thus eliminating wasted time. The structure would have to be highly customizable and equipped with modern amenities to bring comfort during these break periods. However, when the client began planning, they quickly discovered that there were no locations on the site outside of the blast zone. A temporary, blast-resistant structure was the only option to protect crews and contractors.

During the planning phase, the client knew that the labor force was going to grow as the project progressed, necessitating a scalable workspace that could expand over time. The client requested a structure that could expand from 50 feet in length to 150 feet without steep overhead costs or drawn-out construction.

Sunbelt Rentals and the client began discussing the structure needs for this project more than a year in advance to ensure it met all safety standards and was ready for installation by the time the project began.

The Client's Structure Needed:





Blast Resistance




Led Lights





The Solution

Sunbelt Rentals started with a 66-by-50-foot Max756 structure, which was installed in only six days. Because the customer had their own HVAC system for the structure, Sunbelt Rentals installed a custom HVAC wall to accommodate their units. Sunbelt Rentals provided additional amenities including floors, LED lights and doors to ensure the space had all the modern comforts of a permanent break space.

When the client prepared to increase the number of on-site personnel, Sunbelt Rentals added 100 feet to the structure’s length, doubling the space’s capacity. During the 10-day installation, Sunbelt Rentals' experts minimized downtime by working around the crews and their schedules. Sunbelt Rentals worked on the expansion for half an hour in the morning and an hour in the middle of the day, allowing the capital project to continue at all other hours and ensuring little time was lost.

While the capital project was underway, the client began another turnaround simultaneously on the same site. In less than a week, Sunbelt Rentals was able to install a second structure for the other on-site project, resulting in two Sunbelt Rentals structures standing side by side.

The Result

Sunbelt Rentals’ scalable solution allowed the client to maximize on-site space at a fraction of the cost of blast-resistant modules, bubble tents or permanent buildings. With Sunbelt Rentals' flexible leasing and modular designs, the refiner was able to change the structure as their space needs changed. The leading blast-resistant design of the Max756 structure ensured the client was able to counteract potential risk factors at every step of the project.

The Takeaways

Traditional, permanent buildings require businesses to move or renovate when they need more or less space — leading to steep construction costs and long delays. On the other hand, Sunbelt Rentals' temporary fabric structures are infinitely scalable, allowing companies to accommodate unexpected changes and growth.

Find out how a scalable solution can benefit you or calculate the hours of downtime you can regain by using a Max756 on your site.

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