Military temporary barracks

Military applications typically use Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), each equipped to feed and house approximately 1,600 soldiers.  A typical FOB includes eight barracks with cots to accommodate 200 people.  Each building is equipped with a raised wood sub-floor, HVAC, lighting, power outlets, fire extinguishers, and battery-operated exit signs.

The military has utilized Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures for temporary barracks on numerous occasions because of our service, speed, and efficiency.  Our turnkey advantage means that with one phone call, we can provide your temporary and re-locatable barrack housing with floors, insulated steel walls, lighting, climate control, and power generators.

Our experience

Sunbelt Rentals has been working actively in Fort Polk, Louisiana, since the late 1990s.  Fort Polk is home of the Joint Readiness Training Center serving the Special Forces, Rangers, and Airborne. It is often the last stop for intense interactive training exercises for soldiers departing for duty overseas.Since 1924.

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