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Although the most common need for semi-permanent structures is construction-based projects, the structure specifications can change as quickly as the project itself. For example, an updated project timeline might require more personnel – which in turn would require additional break tents, water services and amenities. Or, a change in scope might necessitate the use of heavy machinery that requires a specialized door.

The Challenge

Often, our clients will begin these projects anticipating certain adjustments will need to be made. However, there will almost always be unexpected challenges. How do these projects account for ever-changing variables, such as temperature and precipitation, in addition to routine adjustments, without sacrificing workflow? These important projects require more than just tents; they need professionally-engineered structures built with their needs in mind and the ability to adjust at a moment’s notice. 

Our Solution

By understanding the project scope and relying on the extensive industry experience of our project management team, Sunbelt Rentals can provide the right building with the right amount of flexibility. In addition to the shelter not limiting the mobility of the equipment or other items it stores, the structure itself can be movable. Physical products like wheels, HVAC units, roll-up doors, climate-control, even lighting and power requirements can all be matched with personalized service to create a unique structure

While quality and flexibility are key, our crews are also able to work within tight deadlines to keep projects on track and keep our clients on their revenue-generating route


This industry has seen project management responsibilities grow over the last decade, and we expect that trend to continue. The Sunbelt Rentals team is expertly equipped to address the diversified needs of our growing industry. Because of Sunbelt Rentals' turnkey project management, our customers can focus on their business operations and let Sunbelt Rentals handle everything else.

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