Benefits of the MTS Temporary Structure

What exactly is the MTS™?

The MTS™, Mahaffey Tension Series (MTS)™, is a specifically engineered temporary structure to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Known for its peak-arch profile, with declining walls, the MTS™ is the go to structure for any projects used with environments with heavy snow fall. 

The MTS™ is the most versatile of all temporary fabric structures. From temporary warehouses to environmental enclosures, this structures will keep your project from delays and your equipment safe from harsh weather. 

MTS Temporary Structure
MTS™ structures in use at a client's project site. These structures are up year round, equipped with HVAC units to heat during the winter and to cool during the summer.

The MTS™ can be quickly installed and ranges from 72'-164' in width to unlimited width. These temporary structures can also be climate controlled and provide the optimal solution for protection against weather. Not only are the structures quickly installed, but they can also be relocated; an unbeatable advantage to permanent buildings.

These temporary structures can also be customized to your needs with a variety of accessories. From heating to doors, you can customize your structure to fit your project needs.

MTS™ structure in use during harsh winter conditions. The peaked roofing allows snow to fall off the top of the structure to elimintate snow accumulation.

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