NFL Draft: The Perfect Special Event Setting

The NFL Draft is a special event like no other. Taking place annually, the draft is when the National Football League (NFL) teams select eligible college football players to add to their rosters. Surrounding the event, which is taking place in Philadelphia, where the very first NFL Draft occurred, is the NFL Draft Experience. More than 200,000 people are expected to visit the free, three-day event featuring dozens of exciting, interactive experiences.

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Texas Strong: Weathering Harsh Winds with Clearspan Fabric Structures

When people ask about factors affecting oil prices, industry vets often point to three things: taxes, politics, and weather. And weather is certainly a critical part of the conversation in the Gulf Coast oil industry right now. Spring may be a welcome change to the oil industry vs. the harsh winter the nation experienced this year, but spring also brings wildly unpredictable weather. As one example, strong winds and heavy rains have already hit the Texas Gulf Coast particularly hard during the first quarter of 2017. These extreme conditions possess the power to bring oil plant productivity to a screeching halt, causing delays that can severely impact the bottom line.

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Factors to Consider When Installing Temporary Warehouse Structures

It’s said the details are in the design. So, what are the key elements that need to be considered when constructing a temporary fabric structure, like a temporary warehouse? No matter how tall, long or wide, you want to work with a company that can customize any structure to meet the needs of your project. You should be dealing with highly-trained professionals who have the expertise to install a temporary facility on any foundation, and the structure should be engineered to withstand the elements.

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