How Fabric Structures are Helping Manufacturers Overcome Supply-Chain Obstacles

It’s been a challenging year for the manufacturing sector, to say the least.

Between the natural disasters, trade-policy changes, economic uncertainty and shifting consumer demand, manufacturing companies around the world are experiencing unprecedented interruptions to their sales and production. A recent Fortune study found that a whopping 94 percent of Fortune 1000 companies are facing supply-chain disruptions because of COVID-19, leading to increased lead times, delays and costs.

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5 Reasons to Add Hard Sides to Your Fabric Solutions

You don’t need a general contractor and a year of lead time to build a structure that lasts.

Hard-sided solutions provide the durability of more permanent structures with the flexibility and efficiency of a temporary structure. At Sunbelt Rentals, our optional Guardian Steel Walls™ can add even more resilience to your temporary solutions. This add-on is particularly popular in the construction and manufacturing industries with longer-term projects. Companies choose hard-sided sidewalls for their temporary structures when they need solutions that are semi-permanent, rather than temporary.

Wondering if hard-sided solutions are the right fit for your business? Here are five benefits of these upgraded solutions.

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The 4 Most Common Problems Manufacturers Are Facing Due to COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, manufacturing companies have faced new challenges to keep up with both the new demands and slowed operations in each industry. Some companies are ramping up production while others need storage for produced inventory suddenly lacking demand. Businesses across all industries are requiring increased space to practice social distancing while getting back to work. For decades, Sunbelt Rentals has been solving issues like this for companies of all sizes — with the unique needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunbelt Rentals' solutions are helping clients navigate the new norm.

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The Pitfalls of Downtime - Ensuring Your Temporary Structure Performs Even In High Wind Conditions

The most dreaded pitfall of any manufacturer or construction company is downtime. Any industry leader will confirm that the unplanned stop of production is the single most significant loss of money, man-hours, and efficiency.

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Quick Response Saves the Day for Oil Refinery Turnaround

Petroleum refining in the United States is a $500 billion industry. According to Statista, in 2017, US oil refineries produced some 13 million barrels per day!

Sunbelt Rentals recently had the opportunity to partner with a global company whose U.S. oil refinery was preparing for a scheduled turnaround in one of their units. Turnarounds and required maintenance functions are scheduled and meticulously planned months in advance to adhere to OSHA and EPA guidelines.

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Expert Q&A: Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Temporary Fabric Structures

Facilities managers are always looking for new strategies to save energy and cut costs. According to Energy Star, the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of its energy consumption due to inefficiencies. This hits operations where it hurts—the bottom line.

Turnkey fabric structures offer a wide variety of amenities, like climate control and lighting options, to keep your crews comfortable, your materials protected, and your overall energy expenses in check. Selecting the right amenities for your project and properly maintaining them is key to maximizing energy efficiency in your temporary structure. 

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Factors to Consider When Installing Temporary Warehouse Structures

It’s said the details are in the design. So, what are the key elements that need to be considered when constructing a temporary fabric structure, like a temporary warehouse? No matter how tall, long or wide, you want to work with a company that can customize any structure to meet the needs of your project. You should be dealing with highly-trained professionals who have the expertise to install a temporary facility on any foundation, and the structure should be engineered to withstand the elements.

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Fabric Structures Used for Business Continuity

Business continuity is often thought of as a disaster response plan for crisis management.

In many instances, though, business continuity can be part of expansion planning. When a company is rapidly expanding, permanent structures often can't be built as fast as the need for additional space or relocation requires.

Why put your business and revenue on hold while you wait for a more permanent structure to be built? One Sunbelt Rentals customer recently addressed this question head-on. 

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Benefits of the MTS Temporary Structure

What exactly is the MTS™?

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How to Choose the Right Fabric Structure for your Next Project


Fabric buildings and temporary structures can be used for a variety of projects. Lunch tents, temporary warehousing, construction site covers, or airplane hangers are just a couple of examples of how these clear-span fabric structures are used. The uses of structures are endless and can often be designed to suit many unique projects. 

Once a decision has been made that a project is in need of a temporary structure, the next question is what type of structure is best for the project. There are many factors to consider when choosing the size and type of temporary fabric building. From geographical location to number of square feet needed, there are a few determining factors in choosing the best structure for you next project. 

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