Expert Q&A: Continuous Communication Is Key to Successful Fabric Building Construction Management

Time is money. Customers need vendor partners who bring real leadership to the table and possess the necessary business and project management skills to navigate timeframes and budgets. Whether you are renting a single temporary fabric structure or an entire turnkey base camp, it takes a highly skilled and collaborative team working together to get the job done right.

This team is comprised of a Project Manager, Construction Operations Manager, installation crew, engineers and more. 

In this expert Q&A, Sunbelt Rentals' own Construction Operations Managers—Dan Carruthers, Gary “Moe” Moederndorfer, and Andre Pinto—as well as Sunbelt Rentals' Director of Operations, Dave Rech, talk about the role of construction operations management in delivering world-class client satisfaction.

Topics: Construction and Maintenance Covers

Three Ways You Lose Money with Purchased Tent Structures

Petrochemical businesses often purchase equipment as an investment for tomorrow. However, owning rather than leasing can be a cost that doesn’t pay off over time. 

When you own, you face many unpredictable expenses with maintenance, storage and transportation, making it difficult to determine the full cost of ownership. When you add in the cost of replacing obsolete equipment, you have to ask if purchasing is the right plan for your business.

Topics: Blast Shelters Lunch and Break Tent Oil and Gas

Expert Q&A: The Science of Anchoring Fabric Buildings, Part 2 

In our first blog in this series, we shared with you an introduction to the engineering behind anchoring temporary structures. This anchoring is powerful enough to cover your most critical long- or short-term operations—ensuring structure integrity and stability you can count on.

A major benefit of temporary structures is that they can be installed on virtually any ground surface from asphalt and concrete foundations to gravel or soil. With correctly engineered anchoring, temporary structures can be strong and stable no matter where they stand.

In Part 2 of this series, engineering expert Brian Szkaradnik explains the role your ground surface plays in determining the right anchoring solution for your structure.

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