Lease vs Purchase: Decisions in Obtaining Portable Structures

When deciding if you should buy or lease portable structures, a hundred pros, and cons might circle in your head. Perhaps you have experience with a temporary structure, but not a permanent building. Or maybe you don’t know where to start.

At the end of the day, it’s simple. Focus on what matters most to you. The purchasing or leasing decision comes down to your structural needs, business requirements and financial priorities.

Topics: Clearspan Fabric Structure

How Fabric Structures Can Create the Perfect Special Event Venue

Venues are undoubtedly the most important detail of any event. Whether it's a renowned music festival, a high-profile wedding, major sporting function, global product launch or a prestigious special event, a temporary fabric structure presents a wide range of options and amenities for any special occasion.

Why Sunbelt Rentals: Temporary Barracks and Lodging

With nearly a century of experience, Sunbelt Rentals has expertise that other organizations cannot compete with, especially when it comes to installing and managing temporary barracks.

Topics: Military and Government Base Camps and Living Facilities