5 Reasons to Add Hard Sides to Your Fabric Solutions

You don’t need a general contractor and a year of lead time to build a structure that lasts.

Hard-sided solutions provide the durability of more permanent structures with the flexibility and efficiency of a temporary structure. At Sunbelt Rentals, our optional Guardian Steel Walls™ can add even more resilience to your temporary solutions. This add-on is particularly popular in the construction and manufacturing industries with longer-term projects. Companies choose hard-sided sidewalls for their temporary structures when they need solutions that are semi-permanent, rather than temporary.

Wondering if hard-sided solutions are the right fit for your business? Here are five benefits of these upgraded solutions.

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Three Ways You Lose Money with Purchased Tent Structures

Petrochemical businesses often purchase equipment as an investment for tomorrow. However, owning rather than leasing can be a cost that doesn’t pay off over time. 

When you own, you face many unpredictable expenses with maintenance, storage and transportation, making it difficult to determine the full cost of ownership. When you add in the cost of replacing obsolete equipment, you have to ask if purchasing is the right plan for your business.

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Texas Strong: Weathering Harsh Winds with Clearspan Fabric Structures

When people ask about factors affecting oil prices, industry vets often point to three things: taxes, politics, and weather. And weather is certainly a critical part of the conversation in the Gulf Coast oil industry right now. Spring may be a welcome change to the oil industry vs. the harsh winter the nation experienced this year, but spring also brings wildly unpredictable weather. As one example, strong winds and heavy rains have already hit the Texas Gulf Coast particularly hard during the first quarter of 2017. These extreme conditions possess the power to bring oil plant productivity to a screeching halt, causing delays that can severely impact the bottom line.

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5 Benefits of On-Site Break Areas and Lunch Tents

Imagine working at an outdoor construction site with the sun beating down on the back of your neck in the middle of the summer, and your lunch break is about to start. Would you rather eat on the edge of your work zone with loud noises and dust surrounding you, or inside a temporary fabric structure that’s climate-controlled, where you can relax and enjoy your lunch?

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