Beat the Heat with Temporary Structures

During the summer season, risk for heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses and accidents is its highest. During this time, precaution must be taken to ensure the safety of employees. 

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Know Your Base Camp Needs Before Disaster Strikes

In our previous blog post in this hurricane preparedness series, we offered a checklist to identify what should be done before disaster strikes to minimize loss and ensure a speedier return to operations. Mahaffey Fabric Structures is known for our ability to keep business going when permanent structures are compromised, but did you know we can help keep people going as well?

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Key Factors of Project Management

Our project managers at Sunbelt Rentals are experts. Each works hard to fulfill our customers’ needs in a seamless, timely manner.  Project managers are there every step of the way, beginning with the first consultation and ending with the customer’s satisfaction. The team organizes, critically analyzes and monitors the progress of each project and the implementation of all of our fabric structures. This seems like a no-brainer, right? Not exactly. Our project managers can function as event planners, engineers and so much more. Read more below as we walk through some of their critical duties.

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Optimal Turnaround Performance: The Case for Temporary Structures

Periodic turnarounds are a crucial part of maintenance for any plant, refinery or factory. These shutdowns are a routine aspect of plant management — a temporary need, which calls for a temporary solution. During turnaround events, such as a major maintenance or upkeep, using a permanent structure can hinder business operations. The costs of installation and slower build times for traditional construction can cause project delays or reduced productivity. Temporary structures provide a safer working environment that allows for maximum productivity and efficiency during these maintenance events, while providing the customizability to counteract potential risk factors.

As Your Refinery Needs Expand, So Can Your Temporary Structure

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, industrial maintenance, turnarounds and plant expansions are all part of the job. These events enable your operations to continue moving smoothly for years to come.

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