How to Choose the Right Fabric Structure for your Next Project


Fabric buildings and temporary structures can be used for a variety of projects. Lunch tents, temporary warehousing, construction site covers, or airplane hangers are just a couple of examples of how these clear-span fabric structures are used. The uses of structures are endless and can often be designed to suit many unique projects. 

Once a decision has been made that a project is in need of a temporary structure, the next question is what type of structure is best for the project. There are many factors to consider when choosing the size and type of temporary fabric building. From geographical location to number of square feet needed, there are a few determining factors in choosing the best structure for you next project. 

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How to Avoid Costly Weather Delays During Construction- Construction Tents 101

Seasonal rains, winter weather, and excessive summer heat delay critical construction projects, especially concrete pours. In many cases this can cause a huge delay in finishing critical projects on time. Resulting in lost time and money. From construction site covers to lunch tents, temporary construction tents are the go-to choice for ensuring your projects don't get delayed. 

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The "King" of Tent Structures- Festival Season 2015


No one can help kick off a party quite like Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures can.

This year, as the sole tent provider for a one-of-a-kind, 2015 Music Festival, Sunbelt Rentals assisted in making this event a memorable one. This festival included some of the world's most popular entertainers with over 75 bands performing during this three-day-long event. 

Sunbelt Rentals  Fabric Structures partnered with the festival planner to provide a VIP tent that became the ultra-cool place to be.  This two leveled clear-span tent had the best view in the house and included hot tubs as well as an elevator. 

This double-decker tent system is modular by design and can be installed in a variety of configurations, shapes, and sizes. The footprint of the upper level could mirror the lower level or a smaller structure can be constructed on the upper level in order to create an outdoor lounge or balcony area. In addition, modules can be eliminated on the ground floor to create open gallery areas.

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Why Clearspan Fabric Buildings are the Best Choice for Industrial Projects

Clearspan fabric structures (also called fabric buildings) offer shelter on-demand for a multitude of industrial projects.  Complex building sites often require temporary warehouses, lunch tents or shelter for on-site assembly of critical components. Often companies need quick turnaround, which is essential to productivity with many industrial projects. 

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