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Mahaffey Has You Covered. Before, During, and After the Storm.

Have you ever wondered how Mahaffey brings energy response and business continuity solutions at lightning-fast speed to those impacted by terrifying storms?

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Host an Amazing Event with Fabric Structures, Regardless of Weather Plans


When planning for an event, an organizer can typically control and account for just about anything and everything – the number of attendees, where guests will sit, how they will sit, what will they eat, where will guests enter and exit. Everything is expertly planned. Everything, that is, except for the weather.

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Expert Q&A: The Science of Anchoring Fabric Buildings, Part 2 

In our first blog in this series, we shared with you an introduction to the engineering behind anchoring temporary structures. This anchoring is powerful enough to cover your most critical long- or short-term operations—ensuring structure integrity and stability you can count on.

A major benefit of temporary structures is that they can be installed on virtually any ground surface from asphalt and concrete foundations to gravel or soil. With correctly engineered anchoring, temporary structures can be strong and stable no matter where they stand.

In Part 2 of this series, engineering expert Brian Szkaradnik explains the role your ground surface plays in determining the right anchoring solution for your structure.

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Expert Q&A: The Science of Anchoring Fabric Buildings, Part 1

Temporary structures or fabric buildings are designed and engineered to protect the people, materials and equipment inside them. And although the focus of customization is often on designing a structure’s amenities like flooring, HVAC, and light, ensuring structural integrity and stability is the most critical element of structure customization.

Brian Szkaradnik, one of Mahaffey’s own technical engineering specialists, took a moment to share his expertise on the science of anchoring clearspan fabric structures. Read on to learn more about anchoring in Part 1 of this two-part series.

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A Post Katrina Account of Building and Supporting Disaster Relief Base Camps

August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall on the Gulf Coast with devastating results. Winds measuring 175mph splinter cities, massive flooding makes thoroughfares look like rivers and power outages leave thousands sweltering in summer heat with no clean water to drink. Across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana people need shelter, food, and medical attention.

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Hurricane Preparedness & Protecting Inventory with Relief Tents

As many parts of our nation are recovering from Category 4 Hurricane Harvey, and others are preparing for Category 5 Hurricane Irma, businesses are beginning to prioritize emergency response planning. After a tropical storm or hurricane’s path is projected, an emergency plan should be immediately implemented. While protecting its people should be a company’s first priority, goods and inventory must also be a factor.

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Know Your Base Camp Needs Before Disaster Strikes

In our previous blog post in this hurricane preparedness series, we offered a checklist to identify what should be done before disaster strikes to minimize loss and ensure a speedier return to operations. Mahaffey Fabric Structures is known for our ability to keep business going when permanent structures are compromised, but did you know we can help keep people going as well?

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Climate-Controlled Events

Imagine, you’re enjoying your favorite band at a renowned outdoor music festival on a hot summer day. Then, the sky suddenly darkens and you hear the rumblings of thunder in the distance.

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Weather Prep with Fabric Buildings: Snow is Coming

Winter will be here before we know it – this month to be exact. With winter, comes winter weather. Look ahead and prepare a plan for unpredictable, harsh weather conditions.

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How to Prepare for Extreme Weather with Temporary Fabric Structures.

Weather is ever changing, as most everything in life is situational, dependent upon a particular time and place. It can rain, snow, sleet, hail and be sunny all within a matter of hours. It is this unpredictability that can halt many projects or damage existing worksites. From construction site delays due to unacceptable working conditions, to damaged products or goods in a warehouse, extreme weather can be bad news. The best way to prevent this from destroying a project timeline is to prepare for the worst.

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