Benefits Of Lightning Protection For Temporary Structures

A fabric structure serves many purposes: secure storage for cargo and/or equipment, covered work areas, temporary warehouse, hangars or lunch tents. In each case, what lies within the structure is seeking shelter from the elements: sun, rain, wind and lightning. Not only do consumers seek security of their property from theft or protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but also protection from dangerous lightning. However, often, the importance of lightning protection is overlooked despite the fact that it is a very serious thing to consider. It is critical that any outdoor structure, whether temporary or permanent, have lighting protection.

Soil Testing For Fabric Structures & Why It Matters

Before beginning any construction project, including installing a temporary or portable fabric structure, it is important to do a site evaluation and assess the soil. Soil testing for fabric structures determines that the site’s soil is suitable for the structure. This is a crucial step in making an informed site selection decision.

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How To Choose a Temporary  Airplane Hangar

Portable fabric airplane hangars are becoming an increasingly popular temporary shelter and storage solution. Why? Affordability, diversity, rapid installation and break-down time, to name just a few reasons. Whether the need is to warehouse aircraft, cargo or other vehicles and equipment, mobile aviation hangars can be an ideal solution. 

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