Fabric Structure Customization: One Size Doesn't Fit All


Supporting the needs of a special event versus a blast shelter will require two very different temporary fabric structures, and Sunbelt Rentals can provide the size you need to make sure the job gets done.

With experience in servicing aviation hangars ranging in 15 to 50 meters in width and a near indefinite length, to military Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) designed to house 1,600 soldiers, Sunbelt Rentals can supply nearly any size fabric structure for a project or event. This ability is key when developing a cost-saving structure, as the size reflects the square footage you need.

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Fabric Structures by the Numbers: Why Temporary Is the Way to Go

It's inevitable that things will happen each day – professionally and personally – that are out of our control. Life happens. Weather happens. Disaster happens. Expansion happens. Whether good or bad, life is full of situations that create some level of uncertainty and uncontrollability.

In these "happening" times, your business, operations, events, etc. must thrive and happen with it, hopefully in an efficient and cost-saving manner. This is where temporary fabric structures come into play. 

Below are a few reasons why your needs (and wants) are best "covered" by a temporary structure.

1) Temporary Is Time-Saving

Utilizing a temporary structure to cover your construction site, expand your business’ warehouse space, or to provide relief in an emergency is an efficient way to provide much needed coverage fast. With the ability of erecting up to 10,000 square feet per day, these temporary structures have you covered, allowing your operations to get back on track. Awaiting the completion of metal and concrete building construction can place your project or business expansion far behind. Furthermore, if your needs are only temporary, wouldn’t it make sense for your structure to be, too?

2) Temporary Is Cost-Saving

Apart from simply saving money by using a lower-cost alternative to permanent buildings, when time is money, temporary structures reduce the strain on corporate budgets. These structures are built and engineered to your specifications, and can be dismantled, redesigned, and relocated to save you costs that may not have been originally considered. This saves you money on the back end, as your specific needs may grow or change. Temporary, by nature, allows for change to happen in an expedited fashion without large construction costs. Built with a 20+ year frame warranty, it also features exceptional durability and proven long-term performance. Not to mention, when capital (cash) is conserved by leasing equipment, it can be used for other company expenditures (new product development, increased marketing and promotions, sales expansions, etc.).

3) Temporary Is Space-Saving

Every company’s requirements are different, and opting for a temporary structure allows for the size and space used to be adjusted along with your changing needs. Sunbelt Rentals' movable, modular in design structures can play an integral role in your project. With the ability to erect a structure more than 200 feet wide and up to 60 feet tall and length flexibility, Sunbelt Rentals can add, expand or reduce the size of temporary structures when needed. This allows for storage space that is tailored to fit whatever the project necessitates. The best part about it being temporary? It’s temporary! After the project, corporate event, etc. has concluded, these structures can be taken down with ease and the space restored to its original setting.

4) Temporary Is Life-Saving

When disaster hits or Mother Nature unleashes her fury, temporary structures can be delivered quickly (Sunbelt Rentals has over 1 million square feet of structure readily available). Whether providing adequate shelter in emergency situations, or having a safe and air-conditioned eating area shielded from the hot sun, our temporary structures are expertly crafted to provide protection in all weather conditions, built on any terrain. When lives depend on a fast fix, temporary structures are the answer.

We have seen time and again how inevitable surprises can be, and temporary fabric structures offer the solution you need in a crunched time frame. With more than 90 years of expertise under our belt, Sunbelt Rentals knows how to provide efficient, cost-saving, and much needed service, and have been doing so since 1924. When your business is in need of extra space, remember to think temporary, and think Sunbelt Rentals.

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