Fabric Structure Solutions: An Environmental Enclosure News Feature

Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures was recently in the news for a new structure erected in Belleville, IL. Ameren, a corporate energy company, is using the structure to cover the area while contaminated soil is removed from the ground. 

According to Tim Vizer of the Belleville News-Democrat, "Ameren is spending $35 million to clean up the site where the old Belleville Gas Light and Coke Company had once stood. That company had polluted the soil with tar and ash in the late 1800s as it created gas from coal to light city street lamps. The plant was closed in 1917, but all the toxic byproducts remained in the ground."

MTS fabric structure being erected in Belleville, IL

Temporary structures are often used for a variety of projects, one being enviornmental remediation, as noted above. Sunbelt Rentals has provided temporary enclosures for numerous applications, including soil remediation and odor and emission control. These structures can be used as volatile containment, decon tents, negative pressure and detoxification facilities, and for site security.

Fabric structures help keep contaminated byproducts from escaping and releasing toxins into the air

With negative media attention, project delays and safety risks encompassing an environmental cleanup, Sunbelt Rentals helps eliminate these problems by providing high peak, clearspan enclosures, engineered to meet extreme weather conditions. We offer contained work spaces, as well as the flexibility and means for relocation at any time. Our structures vary in sizes and can be relocated to fit any project.

You can  read more about the Ameren project at the Belleville News Democrat.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sunbelt Rentals can provide remediation enclosures and how they are used, please contact one of our experienced Project Managers at 1-855-977-1763.





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