How to Avoid Costly Weather Delays During Construction- Construction Tents 101

Seasonal rains, winter weather, and excessive summer heat delay critical construction projects, especially concrete pours. In many cases this can cause a huge delay in finishing critical projects on time. Resulting in lost time and money. From construction site covers to lunch tents, temporary construction tents are the go-to choice for ensuring your projects don't get delayed. 


(construction tent used to pour asphalt during heavy rains)

Seasonal weather is often the cause of many delayed projects, so often portable buildings are used to cover sites so projects can still go on. (Not only for site covers, but for temporary storage as well). In many areas of the country, weather can be extremely unpredictable. Temporary warehouses are the best choice for storing equipment, vehicles, as well as tools and other supplies. Having these storage areas close to the site eliminates wasted time traveling to and from storage and protects your valuable equipment from being damaged during inclement weather. 


(temporary fabric buildings are useful to store vehicles and equiptment during projects)


Sunbelt Rentals can quickly install a portable clearspan structure that shelters crews and equipment from inclement weather.  Structures can be heated and air conditioned too.  If you have a tight time-line or want to avoid delays to your project, inquire about renting a clearspan structure from Sunbelt Rentals.  Our knowledgeable Project Managers apply their expertise to solving your problems. Give us a call at 1-855-977-1763 or email us at


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