Boosting Productivity with Fabric Buildings

Oftentimes, our clients seek the customization and turnkey installation of a temporary structure to solve a particular problem. This means our solution must work seamlessly and make sure not to create additional work that would reduce productivity. By analyzing five areas of management that most affect efficiency, we’ve identified how to stay on track and maximize productivity by 40-60 percent.

- Scheduling and planning
- Leadership
- Manpower
- Workspace
- Site specifics

Scheduling and Planning

We know the importance of making detailed schedules, and the impact logistics and geography make on adhering to them. Unplanned stops or breaks of over 15 minutes can result in approximately 30 percent productivity loss, and disruptions caused by moving resources can widen that gap by an additional 25 percent. That’s why specific Sunbelt Rentals engineered temporary structures have been designed to withstand blasts and keep employees and equipment safe. This complies with new OSHA requirements and RP 756, which allows plants and manufacturers to locate break tents closer to worksites as a way to dedicate more time to wrenches than unscheduled breaks.


Changes of workflow or poor site conditions can impact productivity by 12 percent, which can add up quickly. Outsourcing the details of your temporary structure to a certified Sunbelt Rentals project manager alleviates time burdens and other commitments that would have otherwise been the responsibility of another team member.


Manpower has a 25 percent impact on productivity due to time and money used to find employee replacements, assign them tasks and allowing for them to learn. You can avoid that deficit and the 10-20 percent caused by the ripple effect by completely removing the responsibility of temporary structure management and relying on Sunbelt Rentals.

Workspace and Site Specifics

Multiple types of operations taking place in a small space cause congestion, especially when there is limited airflow or sunlight. Creating a custom structure specifically designed for each operation it houses cuts down on distractions and can even advance the project timeline as it will be impervious to weather such as shorter daylight hours or precipitation, which can decrease productivity by 25 percent.

Sunbelt Rentals project managers earn every certification and on-site training possible, which provides unlimited access to the site in a controlled, educated manner—unbeatable in the industry.

By keeping in mind these parameters to productivity, your project can stay on track and manage any unplanned changes with ease.

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