Sunbelt Rentals Project Managers — What You Need to Know


The expert guidance of a trusted project manager is the linchpin of success when faced with an unexpected or complicated temporary solution installation. Sunbelt Rentals' project managers are backed by decades of industry expertise and bring a team of multilevel professionals to every worksite. Every day Sunbelt Rentals expert project managers coordinate talent, products and services to help clients successfully achieve their goals.Starting Day One, Sunbelt Rentals project managers become valuable business partners.

Project Oversight

The project manager is the first point of contact for any client interested in a quick turnaround, long-term or short-term project with Sunbelt Rentals. From the initial consultation, the project manager begins a partnership that lasts until the project's wrap-up or demobilization.

It starts with consultation or the initial meeting between the project manager and the client before the project idea is fully realized. The project manager's involvement in the early stages includes gathering information and insights to offer the best product recommendation for the need and timeline.

Once the plan and design are approved, the project manager selects and assigns personnel and sets in motion the Sunbelt Rentals team's mobilization and deployment.

Finally, the project manager follows up during the wrap-up or demobilization to ensure that everything is removed from the site as planned.

Vision and Reliability

Sunbelt Rentals' world-class project managers offer vision and reliability throughout the phases of a turnkey project. They play a central role in the planning, design-engineering, talent-management and logistics from start to finish. Most importantly, they take a tremendous burden off the worksite manager.


leaderSunbelt Rentals project managers are competent leaders, meticulous planners and highly-skilled motivators of teams. Clients can expect their Sunbelt Rentals project manager to ask all the right questions, identify solutions, and collaboratively help them make decisions early in the planning phase resulting in a more efficient execution.

As an organizer and a delegator of responsibilities, the project manager will lead the entire team through successful planning, installation and complete turnkey service.

Frequent Communication

The goal of frequent communication is to keep everyone in the loop throughout the lifecycle of the project. Sunbelt Rentals project managers receive daily updates on the progress of every job in their portfolio. The updates include milestone targets in the timeline and budget information or changes that may affect the overall deadline of the project.

Clients will receive updates from the project manager, on an agreed-upon schedule, about the overall status of the project. Effective status reporting extends beyond the client point-of-contact—Sunbelt Rentals project managers also maintain frequent progress updates with other service providers and key players engaged with the project.

Industry And Regional Expertise

Petro-Chem-expertSunbelt Rentals project managers have deep experience in industries such as petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, military and government and more. They are not only project managers; they are engineers and designers and master-gatherers of critical information, all of which help them provide tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

As regional and industry experts, Sunbelt Rentals project managers can help clients anticipate friction or obstacles and offer solutions before they become issues. For example, a temporary structure in the Midwest may have building code regulations that require it towithstand strong winds up to 130 mph. Having this type of information upfront allows the project manager to propose the best solution based on their regional knowledge.

Sunbelt Rentals project managers are well-versed in dealing with industry-specific sub-contractors. They can be trusted to lead, not just the Sunbelt Rentals side of the installation process, but the selection and oversight of third-party vendors that provide industry-specific services or products.

A Trusted Partner

Clients rely on their Sunbelt Rentals project manager as a trusted partner every step of the way. Sunbelt Rentals' world-class project managers possess a wheelhouse of professional skills that allow them to lead people, engage stakeholders and complete projects with confidence.

These dynamic professionals are valuable assets in solving complex problems and champions of the client’s project goals. Many clients are so satisfied with the outcome of their projects that they become return customers and advocates of Sunbelt Rentals' services and team.

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