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When most people hear the term fabric structure, it brings to mind images of special event tents or pavilions — structures that serve important, but ultimately temporary functions. What they might not know, however, is that modern fabric structures are an ideal solution for a host of temporary and long-term projects across multiple industries.

Regardless of the industry or project type, every business faces immense pressure to maximize productivity, and faces significant financial repercussions for delays in the project timeline due to insufficient storage space. Fabric structures offer an exceptional engineered solution that is flexible enough to accommodate both routine and unexpected storage needs.

Strength and Durability
Built according to the International Building Code, industrial fabric structures can also be customized and properly anchored to withstand high winds and other extreme weather events. Seasonal rains, winter weather and excessive summer heat can cause delays in any project timeline, especially if your product is damaged. Fabric structures offer shelter on demand for products and equipment when your business is experiencing unexpected growth or seasonal fluctuations in production volume.

For sites in areas of heavy snow, rain or wind, these building offer an engineered, climate-controlled, fully lit storage facility that protects your employees and your assets.

These days, fabric buildings are highly engineered structures that offer many of the same amenities and protections as a permanent building. There are several types of fabric structures that can be installed on-site in less than one week, as well as outfitted with utilities and a full range of access, safety and security features.

Businesses can opt to customize their structure with insulated steel walls for security or weather threats, or customize the interior of the structure with accessory items including customizable anchors, doors, fabric tops, flooring, lighting, insulation, HVAC and more.

One of the primary advantages of our fabric structures is the accelerated construction schedule and the flexible nature of the leasing arrangement. Our structures can be designed and deployed in a matter of days, giving you additional coverage for your project, fast. Plus, temporary structures, by nature, allow changes to happen in an expedited fashion, which means your storage space can expand or shrink along with your business needs.

Project Management
Our project management team is comprised of highly trained experts who assist in helping you prepare and plan for all your temporary and long-term storage needs. Our specialists offer advice and guidance, and are prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the project. They work closely with you and our installation crew to ensure your plans are executed properly and in a timely manner.

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