The Top Considerations When Evaluating Clear Span Structure Solutions For Your Project Needs

Once the need for a temporary structure has been recognized, the next step is to determine exactly what type of structure should be selected. The most common dilemma is deciding if it should be a permanent solution or temporary, and, if temporary, calculating how long the structure will be needed. The top considerations when evaluating industrial clear span fabric structure solutions are:


What does the structure need to shelter or house? Can a fabric structure do the job? The following list contains a sampling of the many types of jobs industrial fabric structures are perfectly suited for: 


Design & Integrity 

Once a consumer realizes that a fabric structure can meet their need, they will usually begin research into the quality and project details of a temporary structure. Often, when the word “clear span” is encountered, there is some uncertainty as to what that exactly means and why it would be a better design. 

The phrase itself, “clear span”, is an architectural term. It describes the layout of the structure as having an internal space free of structural supports, supported only by the outer structural framework. This increases indoor useable area as well as eliminates the safety hazard of equipment or vehicles striking interior supports that could result in structural damage that could render the structure unsound. Thus, a clear span structure is designed to have sound structural integrity with safety benefits and more useable floor space. This makes industrial fabric structures the perfect choice for aircraft hangars and equine event arenas. 

It is easy to see the many advantages of choosing an industrial fabric structure for any shelter need. Often, however, specific concerns are raised such as: 

  • High Wind – Built according to the International Building Code, industrial fabric structures can be customized and properly anchored to safely withstand high wind.
  • Snow – The high quality and strength of industrial fabrics are designed to have a smooth surface that snow slides away from. Roof snow loads can be easily and safely removed from within the structure by tapping the ceiling. Customization of structural supports increases the strength and integrity of the shelter to manage snow loads.
  • Sun – Industrial fabrics have a built-in durability against the degrading nature of ultraviolet rays as part of their design and are backed with long-term warranties. 


If the advantages of a clear span structure are appealing, consumers should then move forward to evaluate more project details. What, then, would be other advantages of selecting a fabric structure over a traditional construction project to meet one of the above application needs? 

  • Energy Efficiency – Advances in quality of fabric design is beneficial to saving energy. By allowing filtered daylight to illuminate the structure, operating energy costs can be reduced. Yet, at the same time, the insulator properties of industrial fabrics can withstand virtually any extreme condition.
  • Economics – Fabric shelters are often a more affordable option than a permanent structure. Site preparation is simplified in comparison. Unlike permanent structures, that usually require deep soil preparation which can become costly and complicated if groundwater issues are involved, fabric shelters are built from the ground up using a variety of anchoring systems that can accommodate any surface.
  • Flexibility – An industrial fabric structure is the perfect solution because it can be a temporary or permanent structure. It can also be easily transferred to another site if a property owner relocates, thus no loss of investment is incurred.
  • Options – Industrial fabrics come in a wide variety of colors. Clear span structures come in a variety of shapes. This fluidity can meet practically any custom need making industrial fabric structures a popular choice.
  • Time – Industrial fabric structures are practically the fastest structural project on the market today where erection and installation are concerned, . Installation crew size demands are minimal as well. 

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